December 2017


29 DecWhat is Popular Domain Name Extension in 2017?

You can obtain domain easily. Regulation for having .com as website extension is not complicated. You can buy it from many providers with attractive price. One of benefits of using .com is cheap price. You do not have to spend much money and complex requirement to obtain this domain. That is why .com is very popular and becomes the top list of domain extension in 2017. More about this list will be in the following section

The Top Domain Extension in 2017

1. .com
You may think .com should not be on this list due to common popularity.


28 DecIs It Progressive JPEG Images Can Speed Up Your Website?

You can find many pictures in website and blog with different quality. There are several extensions for picture file such as PNG, JPG, and GIF. More than 70% websites use JPG as extension for their pictures due to simple and efficient compression. In the same size with PNG, JPG is more vivid and flexible than GIF. JPG and JPEG are the same format that comes from Joint Photographic Expert Groups. Majority of editing software provide JPG as the last result after you are done at editing process. To know more about progressive JPEG, you need to read the followings sections, including its benefits.


27 DecWhat is HTTP/2?

When opening a website using your favorite browser, you normally find HTTP right in the front of particular web address. HTTP itself is considered as network protocol. It is a common protocol used throughout World Wide Web. Due to the rapid development of technology, this network protocol is upgraded as well. The upgraded version is called as HTTP/2. What makes them different? Let’s start with something simple such as what it stands for. Formerly, HTTP stands for HyperText Transfer Protocol. As original version, it is called as HTTP 1.1. Therefore, the upgraded version is called as HTTP/2.0. In order to make it shorter, they change it into HTTP/2.


26 DecThe Difference between ASP.NET 4.0 and 5.0

Building a modern website cannot be separated from the framework used for it. When it comes for web framework, ASP.NET is probably one of the popular frameworks. As open source framework, it can be used easily. The best part about this framework is the language support. It allows web programmer to use any programing languages, including HTML5, JavaScript, CSS, and many more. Due to the simple and practical operational of this framework, plenty of web programmers favor it among other frameworks. The latest version of ASP.NET development is the 5.0 version. What makes this version different from the 4.0? Here are the upgrades implemented in 5.0 that cannot be found on its predecessor version.

windows server 2016

25 DecWhat’s New in Windows Server 2016

It is necessary to know the features brought by Windows Server 2016 after it has been available. This section will describe some new changed things of it. The new features will be discussed further by categorizing them into some aspects as follows.
New Features of Different Aspects in Windows Server 2016
1. Networking
One of the new things in Window Server 2016 is about the networking features. The improvement is made for TCP performance and SDN or Software Defined Networking. Windows has implemented TCP TLP or Tail Loss Probe as well as RACK or Recent Acknowledgment.


21 DecThe Facts about DDoS

DDoS or Distributed Denial of Service is a kind of DOS attack that targets a system which causes service denial. Common attacks of DDoS are included in the traffic, bandwidth and application. Traffic attack will send the target with TCP, ICPM, and UDP packets in huge volume. This makes legitimate request lost which may be followed by some malware exploitation.

In bandwidth attack, it will overload target with a very big amount of junk data. As the result, it makes many equipment resources and network bandwidth lost. The worst is that it could even lead to service denial completely.


19 DecThe Reason Choosing Dedicated Server over Shared Hosting

When you start up a website, choosing the right hosting service is crucial. For those who have started their businesses, they tend to choose the shared hosting service – mostly because of the financial reason. Yes, this service is more inexpensive (that’s why it suits most of the startups’ budgets) but with several limitation and downsides.

The Major Reasons in Choosing Dedicated Server

As the name suggests, shared hosting service runs on a single server that needs to share with several users. Because you share the server with the others, you also share the operational cost, which leads to the inexpensive charge.


18 DecChoosing the Correct Keywords for Your SEO

Everyone knows that SEO is important for the website as it can drive traffic, attract potential clients or customers, boost sales, and deliver profits. Even when you have a website not intended for business or transaction, the SEO still matters because it can determine your popularity. Keywords are included within the complex world and implementation of SEO. If you think that finding or determining keywords is easy, you may want to think further about it.

The Importance of Keywords

When you are using the search engine, what do you type in? Right, you are typing in the keywords.


17 DecHow to Create Website without Programming Expertise?

We are living in the world of technology today. Even in business or doing trade, everything can be done through internet and technology. This is one of the major reasons why business websites are getting popular and needed. People with their brick and mortar shops start to think about setting their online display – as a part of their attempt to tell the world about their existence. But how do you create a website on your own? Don’t worry; we live in the era where everything is made possible even down to the technical stuff like this.

The Available Options

So, you have no technical background, skills, or experience.


07 DecFTP vs Control Panel Files Manager

If you have a web hosting, basically all you do is working on your control panel interface. You can do this through two methods, either File Manager or FTP. FTP or file transfer protocol is a method to manage your files. Through those two methods, you will be able to download any file from your site into your computer. You can also upload files to the website, move them and edit them all at once. Basically, both of them are there to help you done your task quickly.

Pros and Cons of using FTP and File Manager
However, if both of them do the same thing, what makes them different?