You can obtain domain easily. Regulation for having .com as website extension is not complicated. You can buy it from many providers with attractive price. One of benefits of using .com is cheap price. You do not have to spend much money and complex requirement to obtain this domain. That is why .com is very popular and becomes the top list of domain extension in 2017. More about this list will be in the following section

The Top Domain Extension in 2017

1. .com
You may think .com should not be on this list due to common popularity. For your information, this extension is difficult to beat or remove from the top position. The website started to use .com because it is simple and easy to remember. Therefore, almost every website is in .com version. For 2017, this extension seems unbeatable; even other extensions have capability to compete, but still far to reach .com popularity. Therefore, this is number one extension at all

2. .net and .org
The next extension is .org. It stands for organization, but also popular for common website. When you create website about organization or community, this extension is preferable. Another extension is .net that has honor to stay on the number two. It is difficult to put .net or .org separately because both extensions are very popular after .com type.

3. .edu
You may be familiar with this extension. The next domain extension is .edu for education. Another form is .sch but quite popular as this one. University, school and college use this extension for their official website. You also find this extension related to research and library. Alternative extension for .edu is .ac which is academic. Both of them are popular for official education-related website.

4. Country-based extension
People want to have .com for their domain extension. However, this extension is too familiar and less distinction. You can try country-based extension as alternative. Example of this extension is .au as Australia, .uk as United Kingdom, etc. This extension starts to become popular because you can identify website owner or content based on extension. If the content is about tourism in France, the website should be .fr as extension.

This kind of extension may be the next second place, but you should put all of country-based extension into single category. The main problem is regulation to have this extension for website. Your website or company has to register its official office in certain country you want to put as extension.

5. Unique extension
You are familiar with .com and other extension for domain. The last place on this list will be unique extension. It seems vague term, but this extension is popular when you access startup website. For example, you may see website with domain extension of .io or other. The implementation of this domain may not as big as .com, but it starts to grow extensively. Startup business or website uses this domain to show their character and make them look different from common website. One issue is the price or cost for buying this domain. You need to spend more money to put this extension on your domain. provide hosting starting from $3.99/month with specification Storage Space 4000 MB, Bandwidth 50 GB, 1 Website, 1 MS SQL 2012, 1 MySQL Database.
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