You can find many pictures in website and blog with different quality. There are several extensions for picture file such as PNG, JPG, and GIF. More than 70% websites use JPG as extension for their pictures due to simple and efficient compression. In the same size with PNG, JPG is more vivid and flexible than GIF. JPG and JPEG are the same format that comes from Joint Photographic Expert Groups. Majority of editing software provide JPG as the last result after you are done at editing process. To know more about progressive JPEG, you need to read the followings sections, including its benefits.

Understanding the Progressive JPEG and Its Benefits

1. What is progressive JPEG image?
Progressive and baseline JPEG do not have many differences when you see it after the editing is done. The only difference is when you load on website. When you open website with tons of images, there is white space to indicate that the image is being loaded. The image will appear slowly from top to the bottom until on full mode. That’s baseline JPEG works on website. You also see this process when opening JPEG with huge file size. Moreover, the software will take time to load.

On contrary, white space on website will have image, but you may not see it clearly before the loading process is done. This is what people called progressive JPEG image. Square space will have image regardless loading process. Even though the loading is still 10 percent, you still see image, but less vivid until it reaches 100 percent or full mode. Therefore, progressive JPEG image uses different rendering composition.

2. Benefits
What are benefits of progressive JPEG image? As you know, benefit of this new JPEG has been explained in previous paragraph. The image will appear faster after the website is in loading mode. For your information, few countries have low internet bandwidth so it takes time just to see the full image. When the image is just in fifty percent mode, baseline or old JPEG only provides half of picture from the top. This is not convenient for visitors. On contrary, progressive image will show fifty percent loading capacity with less visible. You can still see the whole image, but not as clear as original mode. It takes time until the image is already in full mode. With this process, the website will load faster.

3. Creating progressive jpeg image
Majority of recent software adopt this technology. Today, most of internet users access website from smartphone. For the data capacity, smartphone has lower data consumption than laptop or PC. This is why website uses progressive JPEG to reduce bandwidth. Photo editing software will save into this format automatically. You can covert baseline JPEG via online.

4. Website implementation
Website technology changes every year. In past time, you still see the old and static design. Today, the image is important to put on website as a part of content and design. You have several ways to put progressive JPEG into website. Firstly, using software to create and convert baseline into progressive JPEG. The image will turn into this mode then loaded as it is automatically. Another way is plugin or similar feature when you build website using CMS. provide hosting starting from $3.99/month with specification Storage Space 4000 MB, Bandwidth 50 GB, 1 Website, 1 MS SQL 2012, 1 MySQL Database.
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