Building a modern website cannot be separated from the framework used for it. When it comes for web framework, ASP.NET is probably one of the popular frameworks. As open source framework, it can be used easily. The best part about this framework is the language support. It allows web programmer to use any programing languages, including HTML5, JavaScript, CSS, and many more. Due to the simple and practical operational of this framework, plenty of web programmers favor it among other frameworks. The latest version of ASP.NET development is the 5.0 version. What makes this version different from the 4.0? Here are the upgrades implemented in 5.0 that cannot be found on its predecessor version.

What Makes ASP.NET 5.0 Better than ASP.NET 4.0

The development of ASP.NET framework can be traced back since the first version. The 1.0 version is released over one and half decade ago. Due to its easy operational, it does not take long for this platform to gain popularity among beginners and experts on web programming.
Since it is an open source, the user can customize the web easier by using their favorite programming language. Driven by this development, they start to upgrade the framework in stages. As the latest development, the 5.0 version is significantly different from its original version. In comparison to the 4.0 version, it has plenty of advantages. Here are some of those advantages.

1. Easier and Faster to deploy
Compared to other frameworks used on web programming, ASP.NET is considered as the easiest framework to use. This can be easily seen from the short amount of command needed to deploy the framework. The 4.0 can be deployed easily in short amount of time. Despite being fast and satisfying, the framework still can be upgraded. Therefore, they upgrade it to the 5.0 version. This latest version is able to deploy the framework even faster. In order to achieve this impressive deployed time, they cut the runtime on the Core. Faster deploying time will help to increase the performance of the website that is being programmed.

2. Wider cross platform
It is not a secret that web programmers can use different programming language to run the framework. In addition to this advantage, ASP.NET is also compatible to any platforms. In the 4.0 version, the web programmers can use particular operating system for the framework. As it goes with the framework, they keep updating the operating system. In order to respond with this change, the 5.0 version is now compatible to any version of operating system used for the platform. The operating systems compatible to this framework is not only Windows, but also Mac OS and Linux as well.

3. More reliable features
Despite being updated multiple times, some programmers find that few of the features on ASP.NET 4.0 is somehow being unreliable. In order to overcome this problem, the developer also focuses on the feature enhancement in the 5.0 update. As a result, the framework is no longer giving unsatisfied feature operational. Web programmers will be able to rely on the features offered more than when they still uses 4.0 version. provide hosting starting from $3.99/month with specification Storage Space 4000 MB, Bandwidth 50 GB, 1 Website, 1 MS SQL 2012, 1 MySQL Database.
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