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25 JanWhat Green Bar Means on SSL

Sometimes, when you open a website, you will notice the existence of green-colored address bar. If you do not know what it means, you need to continue reading. Before understanding the meaning of that green bar, you need to understand first about SSL or Secure Socket Layer. Well, SSL is a sort of advanced technology to keep internet connection secured. Websites that employ SSL technology use HTTPS instead of HTTP on the beginning of URL. The “S” means “secure”. The green bar indicates that the website uses SSL, so it means the website is secured. If you want to know what other things this green bar can do for your website, here’s the explanation.

googledrive vs dropbox

04 DecDropbox or Google Drive

Coming to online world, physical storage has begun to be considered an outdated thing. This assumption is also supported by several shortcomings of physical storage, such as a lack of adequate space, vulnerability to corruption, physical form that’s easily lost, etc. Therefore, many people switch to online storage or cloud storage. This is relatively more reliable and considered to have a fairly long development period, considering the internet network is now more accessible. Unfortunately, because of these opportunities, cloud storage brands began to arrive with their respective features and advantages. Furthermore, this article will discuss about the two largest cloud storages, which are Dropbox and Google Drive, along with the advantages and disadvantages of each.


25 OctDoes Space and Bandwidth Size Matters?

Do you plan to build a website and choose web hosting? Then you need to be able to predict the amount of space and bandwidth for the site. What is bandwidth? It refers to the traffic level and amount of data which you can transfer. The more bandwidth and storage space you have, the faster and better experience your visitors will get. There are many web hosting companies which offer bandwidth in maximum level. It is usually provided in specific hosting package that you can choose. Does the bandwidth size really matter to browsing experience?

Correlation between Space and Bandwidth to Internet Experience
As aforementioned, bandwidth relates to the level of traffic and data amount that can be transferred among users and your website.


07 FebTop 3 SEO Mistakes

but still possible. Millions of website appears every day, but the popular one is always at the top list. How do they do that? SEO is method to optimize website to get better page rank. Your website will be at the top list based on specific keyword. Besides, visitors come from the link then enjoy its content. From these points, you have three important things. There are keyword, content, and link. SEO mistakes involve them. When the mistakes happen, you cannot reach the main goal.

Common Mistake when Implementing SEO

1. Wrong keyword
First thing at list is wrong keyword.


31 JanAnnouncing .Net Core 1.0

If you check the latest search engine trending topic, especially in terms of technology and computer, you will find news and updates about announcing .Net Core 1.0 which has become a huge fuss. Apparently, the update is a big thing and most developers have been waiting for the updates. With the updates, everyone (well, at least those in the industry) is excited and they are looking forward to the next detailed confirmation.

About .Net Core in Whole

Why is everyone waiting for the .Net Core and its platform? How is it important for the world of technology we know today?


30 JanTop Reasons to Change Your Hosting to Cloud Hosting

There is a growing trend these days where everyone is turning to cloud hosting. Whether it is for business or personal reason, the cloud system seems like a new popular trend that everyone is turning to. Of course, there are logical reasons why people are doing such a thing. Budgets efficiency and work functionality are the major key strength for such a migration.

Cloud Hosting Better Values and Benefits

You need to realize that technologies are always improving and developing. If you want to keep up with it, you should be able to enjoy the greater perks.


28 JanWhat Makes a Website Going Slow?

What makes a website go slow? You probably ask this question when you click on a link and yet you wait forever for it to open up. It’s not such a nice thing to expect, huh? Imagine if it happens to your website. Potential clients or buyers will definitely run away when they can’t access your website in an instant. Find out the reasons why the website is so slow so you can find the alternative solutions.

The Most Common Reasons

Although clicking a link to a website may seem like a simple action, there are actually a lot of things going on behind the scene.


24 JanPHP 7.1.8 Released for Your Website

PHP is best-known as scripting language which codes is processed prior to computer or web browser usage. The PHP is processed on the server to generate the output. This is where the files for websites are stored before they’re transmitted. With PHP, analyzable operating instructions are computerized on the server in a secured mode. HTML/CSS pages is the output of the PHP code which the web browser will then read and understood.

What’s New on PHP 7.1.8?

When choosing the best PHP 7.1.8 hosting you must consider a few options. The best one have to be able to avert any expected compatibility issues.

windows server 2016

25 DecWhat’s New in Windows Server 2016

It is necessary to know the features brought by Windows Server 2016 after it has been available. This section will describe some new changed things of it. The new features will be discussed further by categorizing them into some aspects as follows.
New Features of Different Aspects in Windows Server 2016
1. Networking
One of the new things in Window Server 2016 is about the networking features. The improvement is made for TCP performance and SDN or Software Defined Networking. Windows has implemented TCP TLP or Tail Loss Probe as well as RACK or Recent Acknowledgment.


21 DecThe Facts about DDoS

DDoS or Distributed Denial of Service is a kind of DOS attack that targets a system which causes service denial. Common attacks of DDoS are included in the traffic, bandwidth and application. Traffic attack will send the target with TCP, ICPM, and UDP packets in huge volume. This makes legitimate request lost which may be followed by some malware exploitation.

In bandwidth attack, it will overload target with a very big amount of junk data. As the result, it makes many equipment resources and network bandwidth lost. The worst is that it could even lead to service denial completely.