December 2018

12 DecThe Best Plugin for WordPress

Have you ever heard of WordPress Plugin? This tool may help you improving business and take it to a whole new level if you can adjust it right. This additional feature of WordPress’ can increase your sites’ functionality, such as SEO, speed, security, and many more. You may come across plenty of plugins which has the same features. Just choose one of them which you think will be suitable for maximizing your site.

For your information, there are three kinds of plugins: premium (paid), free, or the combination of both—freemium plugins. Freemium plugins means they are free but support some choices to upgrade the features into the advanced one.

googledrive vs dropbox

04 DecDropbox or Google Drive

Coming to online world, physical storage has begun to be considered an outdated thing. This assumption is also supported by several shortcomings of physical storage, such as a lack of adequate space, vulnerability to corruption, physical form that’s easily lost, etc. Therefore, many people switch to online storage or cloud storage. This is relatively more reliable and considered to have a fairly long development period, considering the internet network is now more accessible. Unfortunately, because of these opportunities, cloud storage brands began to arrive with their respective features and advantages. Furthermore, this article will discuss about the two largest cloud storages, which are Dropbox and Google Drive, along with the advantages and disadvantages of each.