Error message often appears on browser when you access a website. Each of them has different code and sign, such as error 400, 401, 404, 500, 502, 503, etc. Do you know their meanings? Besides the error code, you also see the messages to explain what happen. How does error 503 on website mean? For your information, code 503 is related to server and client request error. When this error appears, you also see the words “service unavailable”. The website is not accessible at moment and you need to fix it immediately.

Error 503 and How to Fix It

Error 503 has one meaning: the server cannot send the content based on client request. Web hosting is where the data is stored to share. When visiting particular website, you inquiry data to server. As a response, server will send what visitors want. What are the types of requests you send? Typing keyword, clicking hyperlink, searching keyword, or streaming are the example of request from client side. Where do you get those data? The answer is server because the web hosting is like computer, but accessible to internet network.

You already know that error 503 means the server is unavailable at moment. Why does this happen? There are few factors why server cannot fulfill clients demand. Firstly, the server is overload with ton of requests. Imagine you are in small road, but many vehicles what to access it. First request will get data immediately, but the rate between requests and sending data is big difference. Server has capacity to send one data, but the request is three. In this situation, many clients wait until their receive data and server becomes overload. Therefore, error 503 will appear in client’s browser.

Excess request will slow down server’s capability. This condition might happen naturally from legitimate clients or intentional attacks called DDOS. You might experience about website is down. External attack on server is one factor why website cannot be accessed due to failed server. Instead of sending data to clients, server has excess work to answer request from unknown visitor, which is hackers.

This error also occurs because programming problem. Simple website is easy to develop, but complex feature and huge contents will be complicated. When developing website, developer will check whether the server is available and accessible or not. Try to open browser and type the website address. If the code is error, there is message stated as error 503.

How do you fix this problem? Simple way is to refresh and reload the browser. Server might be overload, but it’s only for short period. Some websites use additional security to protect from DDOS attack that urges viewers to validate themselves. When the procedure is not completed properly, this error will be on homepage. You just follow what they told immediately.

You should check router if error 503 appears in entire browsing sites. There is website issue if you only find error in one address. Router manages request from clients to server. Error might not be in server, but clients cannot send request properly. You need to update and upgrade all devices and applications, so error 503 will completely disappear.