January 2018


31 JanAnnouncing .Net Core 1.0

If you check the latest search engine trending topic, especially in terms of technology and computer, you will find news and updates about announcing .Net Core 1.0 which has become a huge fuss. Apparently, the update is a big thing and most developers have been waiting for the updates. With the updates, everyone (well, at least those in the industry) is excited and they are looking forward to the next detailed confirmation.

About .Net Core in Whole

Why is everyone waiting for the .Net Core and its platform? How is it important for the world of technology we know today?


30 JanTop Reasons to Change Your Hosting to Cloud Hosting

There is a growing trend these days where everyone is turning to cloud hosting. Whether it is for business or personal reason, the cloud system seems like a new popular trend that everyone is turning to. Of course, there are logical reasons why people are doing such a thing. Budgets efficiency and work functionality are the major key strength for such a migration.

Cloud Hosting Better Values and Benefits

You need to realize that technologies are always improving and developing. If you want to keep up with it, you should be able to enjoy the greater perks.


29 JanWebsite Building Common Mistakes

By the current increase of mobile browsing and modern brand-new design choices, we’ve noticed so many websites are transforming. Nonetheless, we also see so many poorly-made web designs that prevent visitors from really relating to the brands. From not presentable web page to slow navigation, unimpressive content, and myriad of faults, there should be some improvements.

Common Web Design Mistakes

The following details are the most usual mistakes in website building. Read on and you will understand more about how to avoid and improve those mistakes.

1. The Design is Unresponsive
Higher searches are done on various devices, having a capable website in displaying good mobile view is vital for businesses.


28 JanWhat Makes a Website Going Slow?

What makes a website go slow? You probably ask this question when you click on a link and yet you wait forever for it to open up. It’s not such a nice thing to expect, huh? Imagine if it happens to your website. Potential clients or buyers will definitely run away when they can’t access your website in an instant. Find out the reasons why the website is so slow so you can find the alternative solutions.

The Most Common Reasons

Although clicking a link to a website may seem like a simple action, there are actually a lot of things going on behind the scene.


24 JanPHP 7.1.8 Released for Your Website

PHP is best-known as scripting language which codes is processed prior to computer or web browser usage. The PHP is processed on the server to generate the output. This is where the files for websites are stored before they’re transmitted. With PHP, analyzable operating instructions are computerized on the server in a secured mode. HTML/CSS pages is the output of the PHP code which the web browser will then read and understood.

What’s New on PHP 7.1.8?

When choosing the best PHP 7.1.8 hosting you must consider a few options. The best one have to be able to avert any expected compatibility issues.


23 JanChoosing the Right Domain Name

Domain name is identity to identify a website. You can tell what website about based on the domain name itself. That is why website owner will pick the name very carefully. Once you get the name, it attaches to website entirely. Changing domain will affect to viewer and credibility. How do you find the right name for domain? You may choose random name that’s available from domain provider. It is easy and no problem at all. Unfortunately, it looks like amateur and lack of credibility. You need proper name as the representative of website. Several things have to be considered and explored in the following sections.


22 JanWhat is .net Core?

Web development involves many technical aspects. In past time, the web used static programming as similar to standalone software. There was limited access to modify and customized, unless you were administrator. This condition leads to new web framework that’s flexible and capable to develop in multiplatform. Net Core is new web framework that can be extended into different platform, only from single application. Programmers and developers may add their own software written by various languages into website that has Net Core.

The Fact about Net Core

1. New technology
It is framework for website, which consists of several components.


18 JanDo You Need Domain Name Privacy?

Privacy becomes critical issue for domain owner. In general, you can obtain owner’s information of certain domain from public database. The information is limited, such as the registration of company and few minor things that enough to keep viewer informed properly. However, privacy is like two-faced coins. One side is good to protect the legal owner of website. On another side, it increases the potential level for illegal activity on internet. Regarding privacy for domain name, several regulations are introduced to fulfill both side demands. So, is it domain name privacy necessary? The answer will be ‘yes or no’, but there are more things to discuss about this issue.


14 JanEmail Hosting Services

Email becomes important part for internet world. You can use email for many purposes. Two types of email are available for users. They are website-based and private email. Creating email directly from website that provides this service is called end-user or website email. On the other hand, private email uses hosting service to manage. Well, you are not user anymore because you are capable to manage all emails from user. In general, you can develop website and let users create email using your domain. Moreover, email will have unique extension from your own. This method requires hosting service.

Further Info about Email Hosting Service



11 JanComparison between PHP and ASP for Building a Website

When PHP is compared to ASP, there will be a debate on whether the other one is a better language than the latter. As much as it is debatable, it is essential to do a simple comparison between those two.

The Battle between PHP and ASP

The intention is that other web developers will not get caught up in the choices. Both languages are utilized in a huge number of web-based functions. Some popular websites utilize those languages as well. Accordingly, there must not be any hesitation on their programming capacity.

1. Hypertext Preprocessor and Active Server Pages
Hypertext Preprocessor or being known as PHP is created as a device for scripting.