December 2009

31 DecApplication Service Provider and Hosting

Application service providers (often referred to as ASP’s) have rapidly grown into the web hosting in an effort to provide companies a new and innovative services. The term ASP should not be confused with Microsoft Corporations software application.
The number of applications provided through an ASP model began to evolve. Therefore, there are many companies that can grow with the development of software for the ASP market. Like what applications are being developed? As a remote-hosted applications can provide effective access to unique software, many applications made to are designed and created to become a requirement in terms of its use.


31 DecWeb Hosting and E-Commerce

There are many opportunities available for anyone who is interested to have an online business and the first thing they should do is consider the benefits of using web hosting and e-commerce to their Web site. If you are not sure what e-commerce really means, whether it was none other than the act of making the sale and purchase of goods via internet. You need to check the e-commerce web hosting that would provide facilities in providing support for the needs of online business.

Once you have built your website, the next step that you need to do to create a website that can work well so as to bring increased profits for you.


30 DecBrief introduction to Reseller Hosting

Of the various types of hosting services, ‘reseller hosting’ is one type. E-commerce sites require certain types of hosting services that can meet their business needs. Compared with two other types of Shared and dedicated hosting, this one is more cost effective. You can say that the reseller hosting is provided by users who have already have a hosting service. Sometimes also leased to other users on a budget much higher. You can term it as, the process of renting disk space and bandwidth for many companies.

This is very popular in the field of hosting both the customer and reseller service provider to benefit from it.


30 DecBasic Criteria For Selection Web Hosting Service Provider

When he wanted to buy a web hosting service for your website, you should think about whether the features that will offered accordance with your money is. Certain things must be seen in the website hosting service providers such.

Some host providers may need to provide added features for e-commerce, some may need support Linux, Unix and Windows. Apart from the right type of hosting service, you must also choose a company that offers a strong client support, high-end services, back-ups and so on. Online forums also provide valuable feedback about the best web hosting company in the market.


29 DecWeb Hosting Provider for a Beginners

As a beginner in the world of the Internet, you must set the spending by as much as possible, because it includes a strategy for starting a new business. However, with your investing now in order to obtain benefits melipah in the future. This may have in your mind when using the website hosting service providers to create a website for your business. In the long run, you must pay for all services provided by a hosting company that will help build and develop a website to look professional.

A website is a very important tool in the online business to be hosted by service providers.


29 DecIP Addresses: Static vs. Shared

A term that is familiar to anyone who has their own web site, is the phrase “IP Address”. But what sense of an IP address, and how to influence and usefulness of your web site? And what is the difference between the static and shared in the IP Address?

To begin to answer all the questions above, we begin with the introduction of IP Address. An IP address is a 32-bit numeric address written as four numbers separated by periods. Each of the four numbers can be 0-255, an example would be By knowing these numbers, you can identify the IP address of the sender or recipient of information on the Internet.


28 DecWeb Host function in the technological world of the future

Computers, Internet, Web sites … What does that mean? They tell you how best to get the sharing of information, how to have & to develop business, and generally how to communicate with other people in life. Many people say that they are tools for the future, which is very useful to know all the information that happens throughout the world and make it easier to learn all the science! All related technical controlled by this machine.

Web Host The current to help people acquainted with the Internet and the many benefits after using it. These companies provide knowledge and basic access ways in taking part in space by using the features or support services.


28 DecWeb Hosting Technology Overview

Have you ever wondered how the technology used on the Internet and web can actually work perfectly? There are special rules to make it easier for web users can find and view the pages of a website that they are looking for.

Millions of people use the Internet every day to find various information about the what is happening around the world. There are billions of web pages that can open and read a website, and it was all done with the blink of an eye. Technology that can help the World Wide Web is something extraordinary and people should be able to appreciate the scope.


25 DecBack up Your Website With Cpanel

The primary task of any system administrator is to create a backup system in which they will be responsible for matters relating to the system on a website. Because in a website, the system must be in the monitor and in full control by the administrator. By supporting the existing features of the website.

A system without a backup is not reliable, because if there are problems with your data will be lost. All this in a website is something important, it is in need of a backup in every job. Strategies for a good backup of backup, storage, verification, and recovery.


24 DecDomain name : your online corporate identity

If you are planning to launch a website your business in online business, make sure that you hire best website hosting service to promote your online business. Web hosting is a very important factor in the case to be responsible for recognition of your company Internet dijaringan around the world. Initial motive behind every business activity is to use a strategy that can promote your business and take advantage of maximum monetary benefits for your company.
Website hosting is a way or Internet marketing system that involves the entire sequence of systematic and strategic in the online business world.