If you have a web hosting, basically all you do is working on your control panel interface. You can do this through two methods, either File Manager or FTP. FTP or file transfer protocol is a method to manage your files. Through those two methods, you will be able to download any file from your site into your computer. You can also upload files to the website, move them and edit them all at once. Basically, both of them are there to help you done your task quickly.

Pros and Cons of using FTP and File Manager
However, if both of them do the same thing, what makes them different? There are obviously advantages and disadvantages of using either method. It’s all about your preference, whether you like using FTP or file manager more. Several people prefer FTP because it’s faster; however that’s not always what you’re searching for in a file manager. Therefore, the following paragraphs will discuss about the difference between FTP and control panel file manager, and which one you should use to ease your job.
Whether you prefer to use FTP or file manager more, there are still a few things to consider. As mentioned above, there are advantages and disadvantages of using either method. Take a look at the list below to understand more about the utilization of File Manager and FTP:

1.File Manager has full file processing capabilities
Compared to FTP, file manager has this particular advantage of having many options to process your files. You can edit your files, move them and upload them at once. Several FTP won’t let you to do editing task if you haven’t purchased the premium version, as file manager let you do it without having to pay for the premium version.

2.FTP is better to process several files at once
If you’re going to process a couple of files, it is more recommended to use FTP. It is more convenient than file manager since it is much more practical. You can use FTP for downloading or uploading multiple files at once. File Manager can take quite a long time to process several files at once.

3.File Manager is included on your hosting
Unlike FTP, file manager is already included with hosting plan of yours. Therefore, you don’t have to complicate yourself into doing unnecessary task. FTP also need a more complex system, since it requires a different FTP client application and separate login. Therefore, if you want to use a simpler method, you can just use file manager.
Those are several advantages and disadvantages of using File Manager and FTP. Overall, file manager can be said as the most practical method compared to FTP. However, you will still need FTP if you want a quicker time to process multiple files. From those lists, you can decide for yourself which method is better for your need, since both methods are good in their own way. You are most recommended to try both methods in order to find out which one is the best for you.

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