Sometimes, when you open a website, you will notice the existence of green-colored address bar. If you do not know what it means, you need to continue reading. Before understanding the meaning of that green bar, you need to understand first about SSL or Secure Socket Layer. Well, SSL is a sort of advanced technology to keep internet connection secured. Websites that employ SSL technology use HTTPS instead of HTTP on the beginning of URL. The “S” means “secure”. The green bar indicates that the website uses SSL, so it means the website is secured. If you want to know what other things this green bar can do for your website, here’s the explanation.

The Functions of Green Bar on SSL

The SSL certificate green bar can be gained by a website after going through a process called Extended Validation or EV. This process basically verifies that the website is a legitimate one owned and run by a responsible and certificate holder. What is so important of having that green bar? Here are some of the essential functions.

1. Indicating a Safer Website
The green bar on SSL is basically the sign of trust. It indicates that the website is a safer website. To be SSL certified and have the green bar, a website must be well-verified to prove its legitimacy. That is why when a website has the green bar; visitors will trust the website more. They do not have to worry about spam, phishing, and other unwanted stuff. Usually, a website with SSL will display a padlock icon, located right before the URL. If clicked, the icon is going to show you the website information, telling the visitors more about your website and ensuring them that the website belongs to registered and legitimate business.

2. Increasing Online Profits
Since SSL website is safe and secure, visitors will have no doubt in conducting business there. It is the reason why a website with SSL certificate is easier to gain online profits. If you have a website to sell goods, you really need to complete it with SSL because your potential buyers will trust the website more and they will not have the doubt to spend money shopping there.

3. Reducing the Concern and Phishing
No one wants their online or personal data to be stolen by random website. We know such cases as phasing. Phishing is usually committed by relatively unknown websites. When the website has SSL, it is almost impossible for it to commit phishing because it is legitimate and secure. Visitors will not have to worry about phishing when the website they visit is SSL certified.

Now, you understand the importance of having your website completed by SSL and the green bar. You need to get the EV process as soon as possible. Even though that extended validation process is going to cost you some money, you must see it as investment because there are lots of benefits when your website displays the SSL certificate green bar.