It is necessary to know the features brought by Windows Server 2016 after it has been available. This section will describe some new changed things of it. The new features will be discussed further by categorizing them into some aspects as follows.
New Features of Different Aspects in Windows Server 2016
1. Networking
One of the new things in Window Server 2016 is about the networking features. The improvement is made for TCP performance and SDN or Software Defined Networking. Windows has implemented TCP TLP or Tail Loss Probe as well as RACK or Recent Acknowledgment. TLP will help converting the RTO or Retransmit Timeout to Fast Recovery, while RACK will reduce the required time for Fast Recoveries in order to retransmit the lost packet.
In other side, by the improvement of SDN, now you can both route traffic and mirror to the existing or new virtual appliance. This makes you able to secure workload and segment dynamically in a similar way to Azure. Besides, you can also manage and deploy the entire DNS stack.
2. Computation
In terms of computation aspect, there are several new features of this server. The first one is General. Now, Windows Server can host services which are submissive to the upcoming regulations. Secondly is Nano Server. What is new about this aspect is that it comes with the updated module to build the images of Nano Server. The third is regarding Shielded Virtual Machines. 2016 Windows Server provides new version of Hyper-V with the basis of this virtual machine. The purpose is to protect virtual machine of Generation 2 from a fabric that has been agreed. Another new computation feature is Hyper-V. 2016 Windows Server brings new Hyper-V with some changed functions.
3. Storage
For storage features, the new things are three improvements made which include the Storage Replica, Storage QoS or Quality of Service, and Storage SD or Spaces Direct. In Storage Replica, it enables block level, storage agnostic, synchronous replication, and failover cluster stretching. In Storage QoS, now you can use the QoS quality to centrally create the management policy as well as monitor the storage performances by end-to-end.
As for the Storage SD, it allows building highly scalable and available storage using the Server with local storage. This kind of storage simplifies the management and development of the new classes unlock and software storage system.
4. Security and assurance
Another improvement that you can find in 2016 Windows Server is regarding the features of security and assurance. The security solutions come with some specific features and purposes as well. To enable the administration delegated for anything manageable with Window PowerShell, there is Just Enough Administration. Credential Guard will isolate the secrets to ensure that only system software with privilege can get access to them. Device Guard will specify kinds of codes which can be run on Server. Remote Credential Guard will help user credentials to be unexposed on server side and remain on client side. Windows Defender and CFG are the other improvements of the security aspect. provide hosting starting from $3.99/month with specification Storage Space 4000 MB, Bandwidth 50 GB, 1 Website, 1 MS SQL 2012, 1 MySQL Database.
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