When you start up a website, choosing the right hosting service is crucial. For those who have started their businesses, they tend to choose the shared hosting service – mostly because of the financial reason. Yes, this service is more inexpensive (that’s why it suits most of the startups’ budgets) but with several limitation and downsides.

The Major Reasons in Choosing Dedicated Server

As the name suggests, shared hosting service runs on a single server that needs to share with several users. Because you share the server with the others, you also share the operational cost, which leads to the inexpensive charge. However, you also need to remember that your control and power will be limited. You aren’t the only user of the server. For small businesses with low traffic, this is quite sufficient and ideal.

The dedicated hosting service, on the other hand, is the opposite of the shared service. It is definitely costlier but you are the master of the server. As the name suggests, the server is dedicated to you so you have the ultimate control of everything. This is the ideal option when you have medium business with busy and high traffic. So, why should you choose the dedicated type, anyway?

1. Resources and Access
As it was mentioned before, you will have a full flexibility and freedom with the dedicated hosting service. Will you be able to gain direct access to the available resources? Why not? And the good thing is, it is you who can enjoy the overall perk. Since you won’t be sharing with anyone, you don’t have to worry about the speed or other things either.

2. Security
Another good thing about the dedicated service is the fact that you have a better security. If you have sensitive data or important documents or files, you want a better security, don’t you? Thanks to the single dedicated server, you won’t have to worry about sharing with other users – whom may have been infected with malicious spammer, website, or malware.

3. Performance
The uptime and downtime of the server will be dedicated only to you. If your website has a high traffic, you don’t want to experience lag. After all, it can drive customers away. Not to mention that you will need an improved performance when your site is packed with heavy and sophisticated user interface.

4. Flexibility
You are the master of the server. After all, you aren’t sharing with anyone, are you? You have better flexibility in choosing the RAM, storage space, CPU, resources, and so much more. Unlike the shared service where you need to obey the already set guidance and service, you won’t find it from the dedicated service.

5. Space and Bandwidth
One of the major perks about the dedicated service is the fact that the bandwidth and the storage space belong only to you. Some providers are even willing to offer unlimited space or bandwidth. This is important if you want to improve your site’s performance.

Those are the major reasons why the dedicated server is better than the shared service. But then again, you need to consider your condition. If you have just started, choosing the shared server is okay. But if your website improves, you need to upgrade it too.

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