What makes a website go slow? You probably ask this question when you click on a link and yet you wait forever for it to open up. It’s not such a nice thing to expect, huh? Imagine if it happens to your website. Potential clients or buyers will definitely run away when they can’t access your website in an instant. Find out the reasons why the website is so slow so you can find the alternative solutions.

The Most Common Reasons

Although clicking a link to a website may seem like a simple action, there are actually a lot of things going on behind the scene. When you click a link, hundreds (or even thousands) of requests are bombarding the system instantly. The seemingly simple click is requested to make the text and images appear on your screen. The crowded and busy system can go slow when it is overwhelmed. There are some logical reasons why the system is overwhelmed.

1. Ability and Performance of the Server
When someone clicks a link to your website, it is like turning up the engine of the car. A ping request is sent to the server, asking the system to load it up. It can be a problem when the server has poor ability and performance. It is most likely that the web host is responsible for it. Inexpensive web host likely means that you will be having shared server.

Sharing the resources and space will give you limited access and ability. If your website is slow, it is most likely that you are in line with hundreds of other users. It’s like having a traffic jam inside the system. Consider having your own private server if you want to improve the performance.

2. Location of the Server
Imagine when your server is located in a faraway spot. When a request ping is sent, it has to go through longer distance, which will definitely take longer time. The longer the distance, the longer it takes to respond. The best way that you can do is to make sure that your web host service has nice data speed so visitors from all around the world can access your link without having to wait for a long time.

3. Busy Traffic
If the traffic is busy, naturally, you will have to wait longer. Put it this way: three people are queuing in your shop, which means that the last person will have to wait for his turn. Imagine if there are 10 people queuing. The last person will have to wait longer, right? This is what happens when the traffic to your site is super busy, crowded, and packed.

There are many other aspects that may affect the performance and speed of your website. Too complicated text formats, super big images, code density, too much plugins or requests, or unnecessary redirect can make your speed sluggish. You need to consult it with the expert, finding the solution for your problem. If the sluggishness is your main issue, you need to figure out the solution right away before any potential clients or buyers run away.

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