Web development involves many technical aspects. In past time, the web used static programming as similar to standalone software. There was limited access to modify and customized, unless you were administrator. This condition leads to new web framework that’s flexible and capable to develop in multiplatform. Net Core is new web framework that can be extended into different platform, only from single application. Programmers and developers may add their own software written by various languages into website that has Net Core.

The Fact about Net Core

1. New technology
It is framework for website, which consists of several components. As framework, Net Core is more flexible to develop. Creating website looks easy for end-user, but it requires exhausting task. The website contains class, library, and data. In single website, you need to accommodate all of them in order to work properly. Simple website is still complex due to these parts.

Moreover, Net Core helps to simplify this structure. Library and class can be separated independently. It helps to create one website from different developer. End-user, client, and servicer sides may come from different developer. Besides website, the major implementation of this technology is software or application. Programmer can create from various languages and try on Net Core framework.

2. Open source
For your information, Net Core comes from Net framework. You may recognize that Net framework is proprietary license by Microsoft. If you use the other system, Net framework cannot work. This is the main factor why Net Core is developed by Microsoft and open source community. Programmer does not have to obtain license when deciding to implement application on Windows. Any platform they use will be available on Microsoft environment. It is good news for programming industry. Moreover, Net Core has potential to become the next major framework for website-based application.

3. Benefits
Few benefits are already explained at previous sections. Open source gives more opportunity to create multiplatform application and website. Today, smartphone takes over the laptop as top device for accessing internet. There are many brands and vendors on smartphone industry, but only few systems are being recognizable. In order to let each of users access the same application, developer needs single framework. This is where Net Core comes into the right moment. To create application, developer only uses this framework then tests it for all platforms.

You can create your own software as similar to official one. Net Core has features to create bundling as similar to what you commonly see on official software. It is very helpful because it saves space when you decide to share.

Furthermore, Net Core seems to be promising framework. It is not the only on this field, but has potential to grow. Multiplatform is good start because everyone wants to create different website and app from others. When using proprietary license, developer only creates specific website or application for particular platform. Today, flexibility is the top priority because developer must adapt with fast changing demand and industry. Well, Net Core is very helpful to support such situation. Therefore, developers and other related parties can expand their capability with new framework.

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