Domain name is identity to identify a website. You can tell what website about based on the domain name itself. That is why website owner will pick the name very carefully. Once you get the name, it attaches to website entirely. Changing domain will affect to viewer and credibility. How do you find the right name for domain? You may choose random name that’s available from domain provider. It is easy and no problem at all. Unfortunately, it looks like amateur and lack of credibility. You need proper name as the representative of website. Several things have to be considered and explored in the following sections.

Several Things to Know when Choosing the Domain Name

1. Theme and topic
First thing to consider is the theme or topic. Both are quite similar, although topic is related to content and the theme focuses on design. When reading the domain name, viewer will expect to get content or see the appearance regarding its domain. You can choose the name with close relation to the website theme and topic.

Moreover, the domain name is also related to company profile for legal business. For example, you can type the name of company and its extension on address box on browser. This official name is legit and easy to remember. All of companies have to buy domain name that’s similar to their company name. On the other hand, you may find tons of websites without proper name because of completely far from their theme.

2. Content
Well, theme is important, but content is the reason why viewer comes again after first visit. From domain name, you can also expect to get suitable content. Website has various contents such as article, picture, photo, video, and many things. If you create photography website, the photo and article will be helpful.

3. Availability
Companies have to obtain domain name similar to their own official name. The issue is availability. If they are late to buy proper name, it will create problem. Someone will use their name for different purpose. This situation affects viewers. Instead of having the right content, viewers will feel uncomfortable to visit again.

You can arrange random letter without meaning for domain name. That is easy, but lack of proper representative aspect. As it mentioned above, the name should has to be connected to the theme and content. Before ordering the domain name, you have to prepare at least three names. More names are better as long as they resemble each other. It is the toughest situation because you may also change the website name based on its domain.

4. Extension
After availability, the next thing is extension. Popular extension is good choice for common website. You may use specific extension, such as ca, fr, or country-based extension. It also helps to identify your website. Today, several unique extensions are available to make website different from other. Extension and domain name availability cannot be separated each other.

In addition, choosing domain name is easy when you do not bother with content, theme, and availability. On contrary, domain is like address for home. People will use to visit certain website. The wrong name leads to unknown place. Viewers and visitors hope to get what they expected based on name itself. That is why choosing the right domain name is very important. provide hosting starting from $3.99/month with specification Storage Space 4000 MB, Bandwidth 50 GB, 1 Website, 1 MS SQL 2012, 1 MySQL Database.
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