Email becomes important part for internet world. You can use email for many purposes. Two types of email are available for users. They are website-based and private email. Creating email directly from website that provides this service is called end-user or website email. On the other hand, private email uses hosting service to manage. Well, you are not user anymore because you are capable to manage all emails from user. In general, you can develop website and let users create email using your domain. Moreover, email will have unique extension from your own. This method requires hosting service.

Further Info about Email Hosting Service

1. Private email
Hosting service is familiar for website owner and developer. You can use private hosting from provider to store website then share it to internet world. Hosting lets people accessing website easily without private server at home. Moreover, you can determine bandwidth, capacity, and how much you want to expand it based on website popularity.

Instead of website, you can use hosting service for email. As it mentioned above, unique email name requires private server. You act as administrator to control email from all users. In addition, company often uses this kind of email as communication tool. Employees will have specific email to identify that they are the part of company. When they do not longer work on company, all communication can be terminated. It is similar to school, college, institution, and university. You can get email using your name and university domain. This system uses private hosting service.

2. Features
What are features from this type of email? In general, basic features are similar because the main purpose is communication. You can compose, send, and receive message. The content for message may be the written text and attachment, such as photo, document, or video. It depends on the capacity and capability of server. Today, the features are expanded to be more advanced. Instead of sending and receiving, communication turns into chatting and instant message.

3. Capacity
The most important part for this email is capacity. You have a plan to create email provider from website. For this purpose, the capacity has to be big enough to handle crowded traffic. Basic capacity is enough for small company and private communication. Furthermore, many hosting services offer flexible price to expand based on what your need. How much the capacity for email hosting service? It depends on the type of message or communication, the number of email, accessibility, network, and attachment file.

4. Security
As we know, security is the top priority when you decide to use private hosting for email. Usually, email provider will handle security aspect when you create website-based email. However, you act as provider, which mean you require utmost security detail to keep users comfortable. Check security level on hosting providers. Normally, they are the most responsible one as hosting provider. The email cannot be penetrated with malicious attack, free from scam, and using encryption.

5. Paid service
Company cannot risk the secret information to go out because of free email. Paid service is better to show professional aspect. You also have much benefit when using paid email service. The features are completed with high security level, and big capacity. On contrary, using free services have much risk, related to security, scam, hacking, etc. provide email hosting services starting from $8/month.
You can check the email hosting plan and specification through for business email hosting and for enterprise email hosting. You can register the domain name through order process.