Privacy becomes critical issue for domain owner. In general, you can obtain owner’s information of certain domain from public database. The information is limited, such as the registration of company and few minor things that enough to keep viewer informed properly. However, privacy is like two-faced coins. One side is good to protect the legal owner of website. On another side, it increases the potential level for illegal activity on internet. Regarding privacy for domain name, several regulations are introduced to fulfill both side demands. So, is it domain name privacy necessary? The answer will be ‘yes or no’, but there are more things to discuss about this issue.

Related Things to Domain Name Privacy

1. Domain privacy
You should understand that internet privacy is different from domain name privacy. Internet may be on end user, viewer, and visitor. On contrary, domain name comes from website owner. When accessing certain website, you want to know its owner and the information. If you visit the top websites, such information is for public. Everyone recognizes website owner because it is a part of attracting more visitors. However, some owners do not want their information exposed publicly. It happens for websites that provide sensitive, mature, or any related content. They are legal, but seem inappropriate to disclosed personal information. Owner wants visitors, viewers, or readers to enjoy the content and not bothered with people behind the scene.

2. Limited information
Although privacy is the top priority for website owner, internet has the right to know some stuff. The examples of such information are company name, expired date, and location. Internet users only know where the domain is registered, from what company they buy and location. Moreover, the name, email, transaction, and other sensitive information are not appropriate to be on public. Therefore, you need domain privacy name for legal protection.

3. Domain extension
Why domain extension is related to privacy name? As you know, internet users know the location of website based on its extension. For example, domain has .us that means it’s from US and similar to other country-based extension. However, each extension has different regulation for exposing owner information. Owners have to follow the rule, depending on where domain is registered. Each of countries has different regulation related to domain name privacy. If you need utmost privacy, try to choose extensions that suit your preference.

4. Anonymity
All of the reasons to keep domain name privacy will lead to one goal. It is anonymity for website owner. Users have the right to know about their favorite website, but owner also has the right to hide sensitive information. Anonymity is a part of protection from legal aspect. When the content violates regulation, website may be taken down. It is like initial name on legal prosecution. You do not want your name on news just because of small violated content, right?

Well, do you need domain name privacy? The answer is definitely yes. Everyone has the right to speak as long as they follow the rules. Having hidden information does not mean you are in legal issue situation. On contrary, domain privacy name is legal protection from unknown litigation. Anonymity does not relate to bad thing. With this protection, when the problem appears, domain owner can handle it without involving unrelated party. provide hosting starting from $3.99/month with specification Storage Space 4000 MB, Bandwidth 50 GB, 1 Website, 1 MS SQL 2012, 1 MySQL Database.
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