If you check the latest search engine trending topic, especially in terms of technology and computer, you will find news and updates about announcing .Net Core 1.0 which has become a huge fuss. Apparently, the update is a big thing and most developers have been waiting for the updates. With the updates, everyone (well, at least those in the industry) is excited and they are looking forward to the next detailed confirmation.

About .Net Core in Whole

Why is everyone waiting for the .Net Core and its platform? How is it important for the world of technology we know today? There are some of the basic facts that most people don’t know so it doesn’t hurt to learn more about it today.

1. Programming Platform
Everyone knows that programming is a huge thing in tech and computer industry. Without it, the technology we know today won’t exist. Without the computer language, there won’t be any program to create. The development of the framework has been going on since the 90s, so this is one of the reasons why the most current updates is causing a lot of fuss.

2. Long History in the Making
The process to develop the framework has dated back to the 90s with many changes happening along the way. The first thing that attracts developers to use the platform is the autonomy and the freedom in using any kind of language programs. The written program will be then implemented in CLR (Common Language Runtime) which is a virtual machine environment providing memory management, security, and also impressive handle.

3. Basic Functions
.Net Core is a part of the .Net Framework, designed for a specific purpose. The Framework itself has failed sharing code in various platforms. The failure is made up by the .Net Core, providing access and easiness for developer to share codes within different platforms. A library is designed so developers can import any parts needed for the projects.

A part of the .Net Core 1.0 purpose is to provide open source, full support, and cross platform ability, and this is exactly what happening with the new release. Expect new easiness in cloud application and server creation, along with smooth CLR, higher level of library base, the API and data frameworks, and such thing alike.

4. Newest Technology and Usage
Basically, when we are talking about .Net Core development, we are talking about the small runtime but optimized implementation that was only applied on Windows. However, with the new release, the system can also be used for Mac and Linux. In fact, some of Linux extension, such as Ubuntu or RedHat Enterprise, can also use this platform.

The system also supports F#, C#, LINQ (Language Integrated Query), and much more. You can also find all open source elements like libraries, languages, Core Runtime, tools, and compilers on GitHub. In this spot, contributions are supported, tested, and accepted.

It is a complicated system and not many are familiar with it. Nevertheless, the new development has shown that more updates are made, providing more perks and flexibility for future reference. It’s a positive reinforcement for the industry, for sure.

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