Do you plan to build a website and choose web hosting? Then you need to be able to predict the amount of space and bandwidth for the site. What is bandwidth? It refers to the traffic level and amount of data which you can transfer. The more bandwidth and storage space you have, the faster and better experience your visitors will get. There are many web hosting companies which offer bandwidth in maximum level. It is usually provided in specific hosting package that you can choose. Does the bandwidth size really matter to browsing experience?

Correlation between Space and Bandwidth to Internet Experience
As aforementioned, bandwidth relates to the level of traffic and data amount that can be transferred among users and your website. Typically expressed in bits per second (bps), bandwidth is considered essential when building internet site and choosing web hosting. When you ask whether or not space and bandwidth size matters; sure it is.
The more bandwidth and web space you have, the better and faster experience your site provides to the visitors. The higher amount of bandwidth can accommodate more visitors at the same time while the higher web space allows you to accommodate more files, scripts, and databases. If you have commercial site, this is surely a huge benefit you should not miss.

How much bandwidth do you need for the internet site? The answer actually varies depending on your website plan. If you expect a website with high traffic, surely you need higher bandwidth to support the traffic. Otherwise, smaller bandwidth will be enough if you have few visitors each day. Some factors that influence the amount of bandwidth are daily visitors, daily page views, page size, or daily file downloads if any.
To help you out, there is a simple formula that you can use to determine the appropriate bandwidth size for your internet site. First you need to know the average amount of daily visitors and page views. Multiply the daily visitors to daily page views to average page size, and to tolerance number to 31. The result is in kb so you need to convert to GB. That is the bandwidth size you need for the website.
After finding the appropriate space and bandwidth for the site, then you need to find the right hosting company. There are several choices of web hosting company that you can trust. Offering various packages, you are allowed to choose one that suits your website. Make sure the bandwidth and space you choose is in appropriate level to your business.

It is clear enough that space and bandwidth does really matter for website. It relates to the traffic level that can be accommodated by your internet site. The higher your storage space, the more databases you can have in the website. It means you can place more information in it. Meanwhile, the higher your bandwidth, the faster and the better experience your visitors will have. It is really essential to satisfy visitors with nice and fast browsing experience. provide hosting starting from $3.99/month with specification Storage Space 4000 MB, Bandwidth 50 GB, 1 Website, 1 MS SQL 2012, 1 MySQL Database.
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