but still possible. Millions of website appears every day, but the popular one is always at the top list. How do they do that? SEO is method to optimize website to get better page rank. Your website will be at the top list based on specific keyword. Besides, visitors come from the link then enjoy its content. From these points, you have three important things. There are keyword, content, and link. SEO mistakes involve them. When the mistakes happen, you cannot reach the main goal.

Common Mistake when Implementing SEO

1. Wrong keyword
First thing at list is wrong keyword. It is common mistake and difficult to resolve. Developing keyword that suits website preference is not easy. You have to conduct small research to find what people say for certain product. Instead of using original product name, it is better to use common word from consumer perspective.

Wrong keyword will affect two things: viewer cannot get your website or your website will be at unnecessary battle with competitor. SEO is about effective and efficient way to guide viewers in order to get what they want. Big player dominate most of common keywords, but small one may start from niche market. It means you use the most specific keyword at all then become the top list immediately.

2. Low quality content
Internet users come to visit website for two things, accessible and content. They type certain keyword and the result appears immediately. Top list will have high probability to get more visitors. However, lack of quality content will diminish viewer drastically.

Search engine evolves to develop the most efficient way for providing relevance result. In past time, many websites that used bad content could be at the top page because of keyword manipulation. Today, keyword is not the key thing anymore because content also takes place as utmost consideration.

Besides quality, content has to be original. Copying content then adding it as your own is the fastest way to build website. Unfortunately, search engine will recognize this content then put it at low rank due to plagiarism. Therefore, the contents have to be relevant and original. That is enough to bring more viewers every day

3. Link
Viewers may not know your website name, but search engine helps with keyword. However, you still need to use external link to let viewers go to the website directly. One common mistake is irrelevant link. You should not put many links around without considering their location. For example, your website is about food, but the link is available at automotive or sport area. As similar to content, quantity is easy thing but the quality gives long loyalty. Moreover, search engine recognizes links from inappropriate source then terminate it.

Well, there are several mistakes related to SEO. Majority of them can be included into three main categories that already explained at previous section. Today, social media takes huge portion to increase the website popularity. You cannot ignore their powerful effect. Just remember one another mistake is static perspective about website. You cannot survive without changing, especially on internet industry.

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