December 2009

06 DecWeb Hosting Guide for Beginners

Experienced webmasters can easily setup a new site in minutes with one hosting company that they like. Webmaster newbies are often confused by the various web hosting – cheap web hosting among others, Cheap web hosting, ASP Web Hosting, Budget Hosting, Dedicated Servers, eCommerce Hosting, FrontPage Web Hosting, Hosting With Templates, Managed Web Hosting, PHP Web Hosting, Reseller hosting , Shared Hosting, Unix / Linux Hosting, Virtual Private Server, Windows Hosting and Co-location Hosting.

There are several things to see while choosing a web hosting company, what would you run a hobby site, a small business site, or high traffic e-commerce site.


04 DecTypes of Web Hosting Differences

There are various types of web hosting in the world. Choosing one type of web hosting depending on what you have wanted your web site. In the world has four types of web hosting free web hosting, shared web hosting, and dedicated web hosting (both managed and unmanaged). Some web hosting services are free, but it can place ads on your website. While other types of web hosting price will be more expensive, but more to provide assistance and bandwidth.

Free web hosting is a type of web hosting is the simplest of the many web hosting.


03 DecKnowledge Of Web Hosting Companies

Various companies offering hosting services. Some provide free web hosting services and some of which charge a fee. Prices began the service with different rates, for personal hosting priced hundreds of dollars per year and small business web hosting charged hundreds of dollars per month and for e-commerce hosting or a great online business. However, the best hosting companies offer a variety of services, all of which can be confusing if you are to select one and will wear a new web site hosting.

With the free web hosting free, you can start an account with a hosting company for free and no experience is required using the service.


03 DecCheap Web Hosting on a Budget

The Internet is a vast world and many offer a variety of information, services and products. Many companies spend billions of dollars per year to support the development and management of the company website. But the average Internet user has a simple web site that requires a simple website. If you have a website where you can anticipate the volume of high traffic and complex transactions in e-commerce you should be able to navigate through the maze of the web that can receive the package to select the appropriate package for your webiste? You do not need to find a site that receives a package with a very large cost because they do not compromise the integrity and reliability.


03 DecASP.NET MVC Framework

The ASP.NET Framework and Web Forms

ASP.NET methodology has become a big leap in the way web applications are developed and used. Earlier in traditional ASP, the code is not neat and there is no way that’s clear and simple whether the benefits of object-oriented programming can be brought into a web application. In addition, there is no clear separation between the presentation layer and business logic, making maintenance code is a big problem.

At the turn of the millennium, Microsoft introduced. NET framework and extended to the Internet platform with the introduction of ASP.NET.


02 DecSelecting an ASP Web Hosting

Many more dynamic web site is now being created using ASP.NET language. This resulted in a web host company that offers to its customers with an ASP application is web hosting. ASP web hosting should really be based on Microsoft Windows Server operating system (Windows 2003 Server) that ASP.NET is designed to be run.

Many web hosts will provide you with the control panel to fully manage your ASP web hosting, and runs on Windows servers. The control of the most popular Windows-based panel today is the popular Parallels Plesk control panel and Helm both of which allow you to manage all aspects of ASP.NET-based web applications with ease.


02 DecASP Hosting Tips

If you need an ASP hosting company that offers more advanced features, there are many places you can attend to make a comparison. Because so many that offer this functionality, so it is very difficult to determine the appropriate company for your website needs. Here, AOS brief guide to assist you in an appropriate decision.

ASP version of what is supported? A great ASP hosting company will support all versions of ASP, from classical to the most current update. This will be a bit tricky to find a host who did this, but well worth the search.


01 DecCreate a Website With Joomla

Joomla has emerged as a content management system which is very popular used to create a website from scratch. Manual focus more on function rather than the end user’s perspective. This software was developed in 2005 and has been added to the list of users from day to day.
Developers around the world have been able to develop a Joomla template as a project-centric requirements.

Most of them offer free template and some of its longer offer a way to pay if you want to use these templates. Some free Joomla templates have high quality and they can share with other Joomla users very easily and quickly.


01 DecNeed Special Hosting For Joomla!

Most hosting companies offer hosting accounts on a monthly basis to Joomla hosting. Price per month can start as low as $ 16 up to $ 50 + depending on what package you buy with these hosting companies. You just need to make sure that they offer hosting for Joomla, such as some companies support Drupal and so on.

With Joomla hosting, they usually can get an account and can run directly on the same day. You buy their services and they can even offer downloads of Joomla core software. So, before you do anything, ask your hosting company, you need to ask anything about the Joomla hosting.


01 DecJoomla Hosting

Different types of hosting the world’s Internet provides many choices to the user. There are types of hosting a fast and easy to use for web designers is Joomla hosting. This hosting is excellent for use in the content management system that is free. You simply download it just all applications from the Internet easily. Joomla hosting With this, you can create great looking website easily and quickly. And will give the impression to himself and his clients you later.

Joomla hosting With this, you will be able to make a website with no or have no knowledge of hosting this.