There are various types of web hosting in the world. Choosing one type of web hosting depending on what you have wanted your web site. In the world has four types of web hosting free web hosting, shared web hosting, and dedicated web hosting (both managed and unmanaged). Some web hosting services are free, but it can place ads on your website. While other types of web hosting price will be more expensive, but more to provide assistance and bandwidth.

Free web hosting is a type of web hosting is the simplest of the many web hosting. This type of web hosting is usually supported by ads on hosted web sites. Features for this type of web hosting is very limited because the free, because by using free web hosting is very good for people new to the world of the Internet and are interested to have a simple little site. Type a domain that can receive the free web hosting is usually referred to as subdomains ( or directory ( ~ yoursite). Most free web hosts do not have support for MySQL, some e-mail accounts, and PHP.

Shared web hosting is actually the most popular type among other types of web hosting. Shared web hosting easy to access more than one site to another on the same server to be able to interact among fellow users. In addition, the host may also provide system administration. For users who do not want to have the burden of running severnya, shared web hosting is an appropriate choice. Hosting individuals may differ, but most hosts provide the user with using elements such as PHP, ASP, MySQL, get more bandwidth, and some e-mail address. These services are often available in shared web hosting, in addition to a simple system of free web hosting (including the ability to have your own domain name!).

The last two types of managed web hosting dedicated web hosting, and unmanaged dedicated web hosting. Dedicated web hosting is also an appropriate choice for someone who wants more in the process of storage and bandwidth, and also wants features that are not available in the free web hosting services. In a dedicated server, user satisfaction is not given a limited number of specific databases and e-mail address. In addition, users also typically will get bandwitg with a very high number compared with the bandwidth provided by other types of hosting. Server also has the typical dala planning to provide its users with 500 to 1,000 GB bandwidth per month.

In unmanaged dedicated web hosting, the user is the server administrator. This can allow users to get access to the largest amount in terms of control and flexibility. Of course, many people do not know how to handle the task of being a server administrator because there is no desire to learn. Therefore, it is not a suitable option for some people.

When looking for a web host, it is important for you to consider the purpose of the Web site and what the person’s ability. Pricing for web hosts is dependent on the support, reliability, features, and security that is the whole of the web hosting services. Choosing the type of web hosting also might look to look like a very hard task, but just do research and make a comparison, you can easily take an appropriate decision and will provide a satisfying and successful websites on the issue in the Internet world.

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