Experienced webmasters can easily setup a new site in minutes with one hosting company that they like. Webmaster newbies are often confused by the various web hosting – cheap web hosting among others, Cheap web hosting, ASP Web Hosting, Budget Hosting, Dedicated Servers, eCommerce Hosting, FrontPage Web Hosting, Hosting With Templates, Managed Web Hosting, PHP Web Hosting, Reseller hosting , Shared Hosting, Unix / Linux Hosting, Virtual Private Server, Windows Hosting and Co-location Hosting.

There are several things to see while choosing a web hosting company, what would you run a hobby site, a small business site, or high traffic e-commerce site. In fact, all web hosting and the terminology can be categorized in several ways such as cost, programming languages, operating systems, Web servers and functionality.


The cost web hosting is the first thing that many owners of small sites are looking for. Most web hosting has a price less than $ 10 per month. Affordable web hosting, budget hosting or cheap web hosting plans often have a price less than $ 5 per month.

Programming Languages

Do you want to write your own scripts or install packages custom software, and you want to select a hosting package that supports the programming language that match your selection. Generally web hosting and many programming languages include web development with PHP, ASP, JSP and PERL. The hosting plan that can support the programming language known as PHP Web hosting, ASP Web hosting, JSP Web hosting or PERL Web hosting. Almost all hosting companies support PHP / MySQL, but only a small part of their service which has support by using ASP or JSP. For beginners, PHP / MySQL is a very suitable choices for a programming language for your witus.

Operating Systems

After you take a programming language (s) for your web development, you have the freedom to choose the type of operating system that hosts your website. Besides ASP which works only on Microsoft Windows, other programming languages, PHP, JSP and PERL, work on Windows, Unix and Linux. Hosting that can support the operating system for your site with this special service called Windows Hosting, Unix or Linux Hosting.

Apache is one of the many of the types of servers used and most widely supported Web server in Web hosting industry. One of the things mmenarik about Apache server is the ability of mod_rewrite to make a dynamic URL like static URL or SEO-friendly. ASP also can work only on Mirosoft Internet Information Server or IIS server. Weblogic or Websphere is needed for JSP hosting.


Webmaster when talking about Web servers, they are most interested in server performance – Managed Web Hosting, Shared Hosting, Dedicated Servers, or Virtual Private Server (VPS). Shared hosting is the cheapest plan, and you’ll get a host of many sites you want to mengunkan Reseller Hosting option. VPS cost you about $ 50 a month, and Dedicated Server plans cost from $ 50 – $ 100 or more a month depending on storage space and bandwidth of these hosting plans.
A shared hosting good enough for most web sites. If your website serves heavy audio / video files, or often install software package customized, you will really need a server. So for the beginner in the Internet field, it is better if you create a site would be easier if supported by web hosting with a satisfactory service. And you should be able to choose and compare the various aspects so that you are not disappointed after using one of the many web hosting companies.

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