December 2009

15 DecReal Host Vs. Reseller Host – How Do You Know?

In the world of web hosting Internet now, there are many companies that can purchase a hosting service to create a website for the progress of the company. This can be a lot of hosts offer a variety of packages with prices also rise. But how can you find a difference if you buy a service from the actual hosting provider, or from a reseller? when and how will this knowledge make a difference?

Let’s start with what to know the difference between hosting providers and resellers. Web host is a service provider to sell the servers that have and maintain.


14 DecDevelopment Business to Reseller Web Hosting for Additional Revenue

Most of us already know that web hosting is a practice of using an Internet server to link saved on your hard drive to the Internet. All the websites on the Internet that provided the Internet server. There are many web host companies that offer various services, ranging from one server to a web site to multiple websites in one server.
Reseller web hosting is no different from standard web hosting. Web hosts will hire a standard Internet server or have an own server for one site. They have the physical appearance and full digital access to this server with as they please.


14 DecVirtual or Dedicated Web Hosting

In almost all current web hosting company with different websites and promotional services they offer. You will see the two terms “Virtual Hosting” and “Dedicated Hosting“. What is the difference between these? Well that is simple enough.
Virtual Private Server or VPS is a method to partition or divide untik resources / resources of a server into several virtual servers. Virtual server has the ability to run their own operating system such as a server. In fact, you can reboot a virtual server separately (do not have to reboot the main server).
In a VPS, the server that allocated resources are included CPU Core, CPU Usage, RAM, and storage or the space used in storage process.  


14 DecHow to Make the World Smaller Web Hosting?

Web hosting will allow all the user should be able to make a web page easily and quickly with the help of the World Wide Web and the Internet. Hosting web pages and also all other files have become very common, which has made the world smaller. With this, every individual who wants a web page, either for personal use or for business organizations will easily without or with knowledge.

Web hosting services can also help us to be connected to the world quickly. Web files can be of various kinds, and they can be a web page or even video and audio.


14 DecUnderstanding the basics of web hosting

Finding a company the right web hosting business is a step that is essential to the Website Owner. You’ll pay a web hosting company to take care of your site. Therefore, choosing the right host for your site is important for anyone who uses or depends on the service. This article is a guide for us in taking any step by step on how you can easily create a new website without having knowledge. By reading this article, hopefully you will be able to determine the steps before choosing a web company in accordance with the needs hosting from your website.


11 DecWeb Hosting Techniques

Technique that allows a computer or server to host Web sites known as Web hosting. Web hosting facilities offered by various service providers is very diverse with  a various  too. Web hosting is important because allow users to access any site in the world easily and quickly. It also allows one to store the text and visual information, apart from other Internet issues in the media Web site.

There are various web hosting services where you can choose from all apaliaksi offered. Some companies provide free web hosting services, while some offer to charge a fee for its users.


11 DecMake Dynamic Website with Windows Hosting

Individuals and businesses now have to invest much time and energy to create and maintain Web sites for her appearance is more visually dynamic. They switched to Windows hosting to find a more easy and efficient to deal with their website content. Availability of Microsoft Active Server Pages technology to provide Windows hosting many solutions to create dynamic web pages and can help to give a presentation and the best performance for your website.

ASP is a powerful technology and highly flexible in order to provide convenience for the users of your site with a variety of options are highly interactive pages and functionality.


11 DecShared Web Hosting Service

The next step you should do when designing and developing web pages is how to get your website hosted on the Internet. But with so many web hosting companies offering various types of web hosting packages – shared web hosting, dedicated web hosting, managed web hosting, which type of hosting should you choose?

It’s a general rule, it is certainly a very good idea to go for shared web hosting if you are a small business owner and cost is your primary concern. But before you make a decision hosting for your website, let us understand what is used by web hosting services and what the advantages and disadvantages along with web hosting.


10 DecWhat You Need to Know in Choosing Web Hosting ?

Web hosting plans can be complicated and frustrating. There are many web host companies that are available and many of them offer the basic features are the same. When it comes down to determine the hosting, you need to know that matches the needs of your website and the best fit.

Different Web Hosting Options

First you need to decide what kind of web hosting account you need for your online business. Here are the different types of explanations that can benefit from each other.

Free web hosting

If you use free web hosting, you will have the banner on top of all your web pages.


10 DecWhat Server to Choose

As the owner of online business, you will have to make important choices about the appropriate hosting service with your web needs. Your web hosting service will provide power to panuh where mengendallikan servers your website is, and the right may mean that there is a difference between attracting attention, driving site traffic, and one was just one of the crowd. One of the problems you have to decide is the server you want to use as a control of your web.

Dedicated Server  vs  Shared Server

A dedicated server is one server that is used to control devices sebagao your web pages.