The ASP.NET Framework and Web Forms

ASP.NET methodology has become a big leap in the way web applications are developed and used. Earlier in traditional ASP, the code is not neat and there is no way that’s clear and simple whether the benefits of object-oriented programming can be brought into a web application. In addition, there is no clear separation between the presentation layer and business logic, making maintenance code is a big problem.

At the turn of the millennium, Microsoft introduced. NET framework and extended to the Internet platform with the introduction of ASP.NET. The new framework can allow for the formation of the so-called web web form (ASPX pages dasarnya.) which form the actual code (or business logic) to be separated from presentation, so each must be modified in a clear and clean. . NET framework can also change the way web applications are built by introducing the event driven model. This can allow ASP.NET entirely into an object-oriented framework.
. NET is an application that can allow for the three-tiered approach in the development of a web. Data layer is usually mimic a database structure by setting up classes accordingly.

Business layer can manipulate these classes by using the concept of a very open interface. And the presentation layer is only focused on what will be displayed. Unutk individual page elements such as textboxes and list their values are derived from the business logic.

The ASP.NET MVC Framework
An application design in an interesting web has got a momentum in. NET community is an ASP.NET MVC framework. Historically, this is nothing new as the MVC model because it had been developed in the 70s. However, with the formal acceptance into. NET programming model (and, more specifically, to Visual Studio), it was at this time can be accepted and used by all the internet users.

Many programmers who felt that the ASP.NET framework is trying to impose a style window in a web programming. This can be run against the process works on a web basis. Stateless Web ASP.NET webforms and all attempts to try to overcome this by using something called viewstate can use as a transfer media back and forth between the client and the server.

Using the MVC framework, it changed into a very flexible and loose unutk combined approach. It’s a bit difficult to explain what the actual methodology used for this. However, the basic idea is that each URL must be in accordance with the act, not a particular web page.
Controls that will sit on the server side, can respond to any request by breaking the URL and decide what should be done objectively. For example, to edit the details of an employee, the URL will be … / Employee / editing rather than … / Employee / edit.aspx. This will enable the destination URL will be easily read.

Controller will only see the URL and decide to send it. Backa see that by taking simple data from the model. Together, these components form a triangle that creates a different way in which applications can interact with each other.
MVC framework can be very confusing for those who are accustomed to using apalikasi. NET webforms before and could not see the need or not made a change in the system. NET work. However, for those who switch from other programming languages such as PHP, MVC framework should prove to be much easier to learn and understand.

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