Many more dynamic web site is now being created using ASP.NET language. This resulted in a web host company that offers to its customers with an ASP application is web hosting. ASP web hosting should really be based on Microsoft Windows Server operating system (Windows 2003 Server) that ASP.NET is designed to be run.

Many web hosts will provide you with the control panel to fully manage your ASP web hosting, and runs on Windows servers. The control of the most popular Windows-based panel today is the popular Parallels Plesk control panel and Helm both of which allow you to manage all aspects of ASP.NET-based web applications with ease.

Both Control Panels can also give you easy access and quick to be installed from the Microsoft SQL Server, and can ensure full integration between ASP.NET applications and MS-SQL. From the control panel online, you will be able to create and delete a database from a remote host, allowing the user to be able to manage passwords and set access rights and in terms of security arrangements.

As with standard hosting shared host, you will give you easy access to FTP with ASP Web Hosting account to be able to allow you to upload your website files and scripts. Popular software such as Microsoft Visual Web Developer or Microsoft Visual Studio has an FTP upload functionality, where you can easily put some settings in the FTP to your website the easy way is by simply uploading.

Every web hosting package makes it easy to access via FTP (File Transfer Protocol) to find the file that will be uploaded to the web of their public space with ease. Also provide facilities to upload files using the Control Panel, which was built in File Manager, which has “Explorer” like interface that you can browse by drag and drop files from your desktop to the server.

Each ASP Web Hosting should allow you to:

1. Upload and manage files and scripts throughout the web by using FTP via Microsoft Visual Web Design or Visual Studio.

2.  Allows you to set permissions on all existing files or folders that you have hosted on an ASP web space so that your script to function properly.

3.  Connect and manage any entire database using Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft SQL Server Express Manager, which is the version that has been separated from the Microsoft SQL, but is suitable for all web applications (although the connection is more limited).

4.  The ability to host a conventional web pages (html) and well written script by using ASP or ASP.NET programming language.

As stated earlier, “classic” ASP and ASP.NET should really only run on Microsoft Windows Server as a web operating system. Some hosts offer “ASP Hosting ‘servers that run on Linux, using Sun Chilisoft ASP Environment. If you have developed your script in the Microsoft environment, you will probably find more reliable and less frustrated in their hosted on Microsoft servers because there are some small differences between Linux and Windows hosts, such as files and the upper and lower case.

Classic ASP has been in use long enough (at least 10 years or more) and only recently replaced by the Microsoft ASP.NET platform with a better system. ASP.NET has advanced to version 3.5. ASP web hosting tends to be a “niche market” with some hosting specialist, but increased in popularity, partly because the package is ready to be developed.

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