Web hosting plans can be complicated and frustrating. There are many web host companies that are available and many of them offer the basic features are the same. When it comes down to determine the hosting, you need to know that matches the needs of your website and the best fit.

Different Web Hosting Options

First you need to decide what kind of web hosting account you need for your online business. Here are the different types of explanations that can benefit from each other.

Free web hosting

If you use free web hosting, you will have the banner on top of all your web pages. You will also have limited ability to update your web site. This type of host is not the preferred type for online business websites for only ads are displayed as a media campaign on the site.

Shared Hosting

This is the most common and frequently used web hosting solution because it has a lot of support from many sites. With low prices and web hosting will also offer a more limited selection than dedicated hosting but more than enough bandwidth and storage space for the website of smaller businesses. There’s a reason why this is the most popular web hosting plan out there.

• Dedicated hosting

This will be web hosting services that will give you lots of room to develop your business in a website on the internet. You will be able to have many sites on the host as you want and not have to worry about the server for this service capable of handling a large volume of visitors to your site.

• Collocated hosting

You can purchase this server rather than renting space. Because you will more easily and quickly connect to the Internet through the server. This service allows you to run a high volume and some great sites.

Basic Features Web Host

• Server Type

Most  web hosts have a Windows 2000, Unix and Linux servers. If you plan to run a simple website, you do not have to worry about the web server host because they are able to provide the most simple sites for fleeing one of the three servers.

• Disk space

The size of your website will determine the amount of your disk space you need. Try not too much to upload pictures, photos to your web because it would reduce capacity in the available space.

• Bandwidth

Bandwidth is the power required for the information you provide on your site to travel to the browser. Bandwidth related to how many visitors you will have on your site every day. Many small online businesses do not have to require a large amount of bandwidth. Unless you plan on e-commerce or similar site, because many web hosts who will offer help to the problem of dealing with your bandwidth.

• E-mail accounts

Many hosts will provide you with 10 or more e-mail account for your online business. The number of accounts you need may affect which host you choose. Since many web hosting services that offer only e-mail account number was only 1 to 2 email accounts. Email account that you may have used as a backup if the 2 email accounts that are considered spam.

• Support

Other features that you need to consider is technical support or billing you will receive your web hosting company. Some web hosting has a customer service channel, which you can call when you have a problem. Other web hosting with fishermen who have e-mail or ticket system, which you must wait for an answer in dealing with the problems you are facing. Response on this issue usually within 24 hours with the host species.

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