As the owner of online business, you will have to make important choices about the appropriate hosting service with your web needs. Your web hosting service will provide power to panuh where mengendallikan servers your website is, and the right may mean that there is a difference between attracting attention, driving site traffic, and one was just one of the crowd. One of the problems you have to decide is the server you want to use as a control of your web.

Dedicated Server  vs  Shared Server

A dedicated server is one server that is used to control devices sebagao your web pages. This means there will be no other users can drain your resources. This also means that you will issue a monthly amount large enough, because you want to take the entire server.

There are also services that offer web hosting where with one server, you will be able to share with fellow users such web hosting services. This service has a price range which is much cheaper. These services usually called a shared web hosting.

The Advantage of Virtual Private Server (VPS)

Virtual private servers is a happy medium between two alternatives. Partitioned servers and your company provided all one partition. Because you are not using the full rights of all its own servers, and the cost is not so big.

However, because the server is partitioned, the other users on the server can not affect you in the same manner as they may be in shared web hosting.

Box of sand and Honeypots

Another feature of VPS is the ability to make a box of sand and honeypots. This is the method of testing software updates and features while keeping the main site is safe. Your company can use one of the VPS partition to the main site and another one as a backup. But when the update about the new software will be added, they will be tested in the sandbox, and then transferred to the main server after sufficient for themselves.

If there are allegations of breach about  security system, the second server can be used as “bait.” Resembles the actual site, but without sensitive information. If someone hacks into the second site, the company can see how it’s done and can trace it back without the threat to their main file.

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