In almost all current web hosting company with different websites and promotional services they offer. You will see the two terms “Virtual Hosting” and “Dedicated Hosting“. What is the difference between these? Well that is simple enough.
Virtual Private Server or VPS is a method to partition or divide untik resources / resources of a server into several virtual servers. Virtual server has the ability to run their own operating system such as a server. In fact, you can reboot a virtual server separately (do not have to reboot the main server).
In a VPS, the server that allocated resources are included CPU Core, CPU Usage, RAM, and storage or the space used in storage process.  VPS service techniques is virtualization technology. In hosting technology, features – features like the VPS is a dedicated server technology, making it the most flexible intermediary between shared hosting and dedicated servers.
Dedicated Server is the server utilization is devoted to larger applications and can not used in  shared hosting or virtual dedicated server. Dala this provision are borne by the server hosting company that usually works with vendors.
In Dedicated Server, you will have all the machines for themselves. This allows very fast, secure and you have full control over your site. You also can install any program in accordance with the desires of your heart and can update programs as often as you want. This is a good choice for sites that get lots of visitors, use a lot of system resources (through the use of CGI scripts).
If you hold all the data and applications are very important, or if you need special software is not available on virtual servers. But unfortunately for a decent dedicated server, you must remove the price starting at around $ 300.
For that price, you need a dedicated server if::
Your site got so banyakmasalah such hits Virtual Server account and you can not handle it.
You want to host many sites on one server.
You need features not offered on the Virtual Server.
You need a high security level.

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