January 2010

14 JanDotNetPanel Hosting Control Panel

We provide all our clients with DotNetPanel Control Panel,  DotNetPanel is unique, feature-rich Windows hosting control panel. DotNetPanel simplifies Windows hosting management operations including the following:

  • managing multiple servers
  • creating shared hosting accounts
  • robust, scalable and secure architecture
  • simple in use

When you want the best Windows hosting control panel, use DotNetPanel – the all-in-one Windows control panel


14 JanNew SEO Service

We have new SEO service which we provide to all of our customers who want to increase their site ranking on many search engines. It will be handled by our SEO experts. We will improve your site rankings and more sales for your website.

Below is the list of all our Outsource SEO Service that we provide. SEO Service if it is done correctly will greatly enhance your website traffic and sales for your website. Al you all might know, SEO is a very consuming and tedious task. Not all people have the time and knowledge to enhance their web traffic.


14 JanDedicated Web Hosting Service

Dedicated web hosting is basically renting a whole server solely for your use (dedicated). It is much like having your own server but the biggest difference is you do not need a large initial investment to set it up. Dedicated web hosting comes in two forms. Managed and unmanaged.

Commonly, unmanaged hosting plans include hardware, operating system, web server and Internet connection. Managed plans however include the basics and pretty much everything else that the only thing you need to worry about is your web site and content.

Dedicated hosting permits individuals and business to lease pre-configured, state-of-the-art equipment and connectivity from a hosting service provider.


13 JanSelecting Domain Webiste

Identical, Domain Name must represent the company, product or theme of your website. We recommend using a company or product names as domain names, if for personal websites, use your name as a domain name.
Use. Com, the main extension option when you choose a domain name. Com for more popular than any other extension. Furthermore if already in use, select. Net,. Org,. Info,. Biz and others. If  need, buy all the existing extension and forward to the main website, it is to keep the abuse of domain names by others.


07 JanConsiderations In Choosing Web Hosting

The internet era makes so many aspects of people’s life is done through the virtual world. People not anymore need to see each other to do the relationship or connected to each other. Ranging from the most basic need such as the need for meal, housing, and clothing, the other needs are also available, such as the service for another aspect, such as leisure, health, up to education.

To accommodate the virtual life, then the role of web hosting is so significant to be ignored. The services provide by so many web hosting is the key for the need of any individual or business companies in their life in online world.


07 JanUnderstanding the Web Hosting Uptime

When we find a company to publish a web hosting or e-mail to the company, which of course is the consideration offered advantages. General standard that limits a hosting package is the amount of space and bandwidth limit. But almost certainly all hosting companies offer high uptime even guaranteed.

Web Hosting Uptime.

Long uptime Hosting a hosting server can provide service to customers. Suppose the hosting company offers a 100% uptime means the website and hosting facilities will be guaranteed to be accessible continuously.

The opposite is uptime downtime.


07 JanAbout Shared Hosting

What is hosting?

The term for an Internet server rental services for websites and email. Parties generally lay or rent user hosting services such as hosting providers and get MWN hosting account (number of disk space, email accounts, shell access / FTP, etc.) and can upload files and websites that will be viewed by visitors. Also called web hosting / web hosting, because it is generally always associated with the website, although there may be special hosting services just email (email hosting), access to telnet / SSH / shell only (shell hosting), etc..

What is shared hosting?


07 JanWindows is Great Way to Host Your Website

Today, businesses want to maximize the internet using for promotion. This is the main reason why there are more and more web hosting online services to meet the needs of business owners. In addition to increasing their numbers, there are also various types of web hosting like Windows hosting available for the company.

Windows hosting is one of the web hosting services are gaining popularity online. The reason why Windows hosting getting very popular these days is the fact that they have a lot of benefits that help businesses to manage their internal workforce as effectively as follows.


06 JanMicrosoft Office SharePoint Server

Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 helps organizations improve performance by providing a platform for shared information and work together in a team, community and the processes supporting each other. SharePoint Server is an important part of the overall Microsoft collaboration vision and integrates with other products offer a comprehensive infrastructure for working with other people.
• Strengthening the team through the Collaborative workspaces

Microsoft provides best-of-breed collaborative infrastructure that provides collaborative tools for users to create their own workspace and easily share them with sesame asset team members, departments and organizations while it also maintains IT control.


06 JanDotNetNuke CMS

Web application platforms like DotNetNuke (DNN), web portals, have grown in popularity over the years because they do a very good job of solving the basic problem of web application plumbing.  Security system, user creation and management, forgotten passwords, page layout, backups, and all multi-site/single-footprint ability common among major portal systems.

DotNetNuke allows you to get down to the business of implementing a new web site features without having to worry about the basics of user management, pages, and security. Although the process of making custom DNN modules is not difficult to be hard to get your mind wrapped around how it all works.