Web application platforms like DotNetNuke (DNN), web portals, have grown in popularity over the years because they do a very good job of solving the basic problem of web application plumbing.  Security system, user creation and management, forgotten passwords, page layout, backups, and all multi-site/single-footprint ability common among major portal systems.

DotNetNuke allows you to get down to the business of implementing a new web site features without having to worry about the basics of user management, pages, and security. Although the process of making custom DNN modules is not difficult to be hard to get your mind wrapped around how it all works.

Installable Graphic Design
Website look and feel of the DotNetNuke platform is achieved by installing Leather Package. A Skin is a professional graphic design and carried out under the specification packaging as zip files. Any HTML or Flash design can be implemented as a Skin. New skin can be installed on the DotNetNuke site in minutes. View site can be changed dramatically while interesting content and application functionality remains unchanged.

Extendable Application Function
DotNetNuke is a Web application platform expandable. Third party applications and services that can be used as a DotNetNuke Modules.  Installing a simple module and administrative tasks do not require programming. Once installed, third-party visual module is integrated with the rest of this site because they use a graphic style to your skin.

Content Management without Programming
Authorized administrators and users can add pages to their sites. New pages automatically appear on the site menus and site maps. Look and feel of the newly defined by the page now your skin.

Installable Language Packs
DotNetNuke is fully translated. Built-in multi-language localization features allow administrators worldwide to easily and according DotNetNuke using the software for their own use. More than 50 installable language packages are available through DotNetNuke community.

Centralized Security
DotNetNuke offers powerful features to deal with the licensing and control of certain tasks that allow the user to do. This is a role-based modules, where each page and module on the given site to determine what role the user is allowed to do.

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