Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 helps organizations improve performance by providing a platform for shared information and work together in a team, community and the processes supporting each other. SharePoint Server is an important part of the overall Microsoft collaboration vision and integrates with other products offer a comprehensive infrastructure for working with other people.
• Strengthening the team through the Collaborative workspaces

Microsoft provides best-of-breed collaborative infrastructure that provides collaborative tools for users to create their own workspace and easily share them with sesame asset team members, departments and organizations while it also maintains IT control.
• Connecting the Organization through the Portals

Microsoft will help bring a broad understanding of organizations and data to the right people at the right time to make a person connected with the data, experts, and business processes within an organization.
• Allows Community with Social Computing Tools

Microsoft  bring a tool to bring social computing capabilities within their workspace and portal infrastructure, so user can easily take advantage of intelligence collection organizations.
• Reduce Cost and Complexity for IT by using an integrated Infrastructure, Investment and Platform Architecture that can be expanded.

Microsoft collaboration infrastructure affect existing investment, can be extended and can operate with other systems, so organizations can maintain ownership costs are much lower and easy to meet the needs of companies with sufficient infrastructure to build a course.

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