What is hosting?

The term for an Internet server rental services for websites and email. Parties generally lay or rent user hosting services such as hosting providers and get MWN hosting account (number of disk space, email accounts, shell access / FTP, etc.) and can upload files and websites that will be viewed by visitors. Also called web hosting / web hosting, because it is generally always associated with the website, although there may be special hosting services just email (email hosting), access to telnet / SSH / shell only (shell hosting), etc..

What is shared hosting?

Shared hosting is a hosting service in which a hosting account put together some other hosting accounts in one server and use  all  services together. Benefits shared hosting is a cheap price, but the disadvantage is the level of privacy and performance not as good as dedicated hosting.

While Dedicated Hosting is a hosting service where a server  can be used by 1 account (or 1 website, 1 client) only. The advantage is that performance and better privacy, because the server is not used by third parties. The disadvantage is that the more expensive price. Consists of Colocation (where provided by the client machine itself and placed in data centers and hosting providers) and Dedicated Server (where the engine is provided by the hosting provider).
Whatever I get from hosting?
By subscribing to the hosting account  hosting provider, you usually get a domain name, a number of free disk space can be filled with your files, address / email accounts. So you can create a website and interact with visitors and / or your staff to use the website and email.

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