Identical, Domain Name must represent the company, product or theme of your website. We recommend using a company or product names as domain names, if for personal websites, use your name as a domain name.
Use. Com, the main extension option when you choose a domain name. Com for more popular than any other extension. Furthermore if already in use, select. Net,. Org,. Info,. Biz and others. If  need, buy all the existing extension and forward to the main website, it is to keep the abuse of domain names by others. because people could have dropped the name of either you or your website to create a website with the same name with a different extension.

Easy to remember, select the domain that’s easy on the mind, unique, and easy to pronounce. Many successful website with a unique name and the words we speak often of everyday life.
Never Too Long, the same as the name in general, his name is too long reply, usually in hard to remember, use the “-” for the separator for domains with two syllables or more, or because it was taken, for example, has taken , try other alternatives such as or other uses such extension or name
Before you buy domain name, you should consider in depth the name you’ll use, you can check domain is used by people or not by typing directly in the browser there you can see who the owner / domain registrant you are looking for when other people had been taken.

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