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07 FebTop 3 SEO Mistakes

but still possible. Millions of website appears every day, but the popular one is always at the top list. How do they do that? SEO is method to optimize website to get better page rank. Your website will be at the top list based on specific keyword. Besides, visitors come from the link then enjoy its content. From these points, you have three important things. There are keyword, content, and link. SEO mistakes involve them. When the mistakes happen, you cannot reach the main goal.

Common Mistake when Implementing SEO

1. Wrong keyword
First thing at list is wrong keyword.


18 DecChoosing the Correct Keywords for Your SEO

Everyone knows that SEO is important for the website as it can drive traffic, attract potential clients or customers, boost sales, and deliver profits. Even when you have a website not intended for business or transaction, the SEO still matters because it can determine your popularity. Keywords are included within the complex world and implementation of SEO. If you think that finding or determining keywords is easy, you may want to think further about it.

The Importance of Keywords

When you are using the search engine, what do you type in? Right, you are typing in the keywords.

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15 DecHow to Improve Your Website Traffic

For a blogger or online businessman, traffic is an essential thing because it can be a sign for the popularity of their website. Actually, there are many steps that we can do to help in increasing the amount of visitors in our sites. Some of these steps can be done freely. What are those kinds’ free steps? On this article, we will try to explain some ways to increase the potential traffic for our website.

  1. Doing the Blog Walking

Blog walking is an activity where you have to visit the other people’s blog or website that is still having any relationship with our blog and then leaving any comments on that blog or website.


11 OctWhat are Some Keys to Effective Blogging?

What are Some Keys to Effective Blogging – Blogging is not only writing the articles or information without any “rules”. Furthermore, for making your blog is more famous, there are some keys that you can do. This is a must, especially for you who want to make it as a tool for making some pennies. Below are some keys that you can do, so you can start to blogging effectively.

  1. Headlines

Headline is the first thing that is seen by readers. That is why; you have to make it as compelling as you can.