For a blogger or online businessman, traffic is an essential thing because it can be a sign for the popularity of their website. Actually, there are many steps that we can do to help in increasing the amount of visitors in our sites. Some of these steps can be done freely. What are those kinds’ free steps? On this article, we will try to explain some ways to increase the potential traffic for our website.

  1. Doing the Blog Walking

Blog walking is an activity where you have to visit the other people’s blog or website that is still having any relationship with our blog and then leaving any comments on that blog or website. There are many kinds of blog that provides column to leave a website URL for them who give any comments on their websites. We have to take this advantage. The thing that you have to remember is that never leave any spam comment on the other people’s blog because it will give the bad impression for you as a blogger or an internet marketer. Try to read the article that is written first before leaving any comments so that you can give the appropriate comments that are coherence with the topic of that article.

By giving any positive comments and leave our blog URL in a column that is available, so that you will get a backlink to your site. Besides that, it can open many possibilities that the other visitors on that blog willvisit your site when they saw the comment that you gave. From this blog walking process we can get a lot of traffics, but it needs many extra efforts to give some comments on the other blogs first.

  1. Social Site Bookmarking

Social sites bookmarking is initially made to help netters save the website address that they like. So, it can make them easier when they wanted to open that address in the future. As time goes by, social sites bookmarking is always be used for optimizing SEO and to get traffic. It can save the blog URL or website or the URL of blog’s article that we post to the social bookmarking sites. This is done to make the other visitors attracted with URL that we submitted and visit our sites with that social media bookmarking. That is why; this way is enough effective for getting traffic and we have to take the advantages from this social sites bookmarking.

  1. Through the Social Media Site

Many people said that now is the era of social media and in fact, this is true. The growth of social media years in many countries are increasing from time to time and it has the significant increase amount. This thing is supported with the development of smartphone that is also increasing at most countries in this world. Most smarphone users always have account in some social media sites or maybe in one of those social media. It is for sure that this is a big potential of traffic for us as the owner of website or blog.