The primary task of any system administrator is to create a backup system in which they will be responsible for matters relating to the system on a website. Because in a website, the system must be in the monitor and in full control by the administrator. By supporting the existing features of the website.

A system without a backup is not reliable, because if there are problems with your data will be lost. All this in a website is something important, it is in need of a backup in every job. Strategies for a good backup of backup, storage, verification, and recovery. Reserve components include all methods of selection in a way to make a backup of data.

Storage media includes both what you use to store all the data available. Verification is also an important component part of a backup strategy, you need to know if you have data that can be used. Finally, you should be able to obtain all missing data to be returned for use again.

There are two main strategies for backups and Disaster Recovery of Archival.

DR backups can be designed to work the system restore a website. To do this you need to backup the entire system so you can return it to another computer to get a working system. An archive strategy related to the historical data retrieval.

Both strategies should be combined so that backups can be run easily and quickly. An archive should use strategies that require the system administrator to reinstall and reconfigure the operating system before it can restore all the data. This process takes more time and can see many mistakes.

Each backup strategy should be tested.

A DR backup should be tested by a system that can restore the backup to the new system to ensure that all data can be re-used by you.

Archive strategy tested by taking all the files and verify that you can easily to find the file you need. Strategy untested backup is usually a waste of time and money.

Web hosting service offering cPanel backups with the administrative interface. CPanel will help you to easily backup the entire site host, your database, or your home directory. To perform these backups, you can simply access the control panel and select Backup type backup. The system will perform the entire process of backup and only by downloading the file to your local system.

Backups procces can be used only by passing through the same interface. To test this, you create a new host site and restore your backup process for a new host.

Reserves only download files or data that are considered important and it should be integrated into your local backup strategy. At least, it can be done if you can not manage to include them in your main backups.

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