Window Server 2012 – maybe most of you had already heard about Windows Server 2012. What is this actually? Window Server 2012 is the newest operation system that is released by Microsoft after Windows server 2008 and Windows server 2012. Just like the Windows server 20018 R2, the Window Server 2012 is only produced in 64 bit architecture. Below we will share more information about this windows server from Microsoft.

Window Server 2012 is actually divided into 4 different editions. This is also an essential knowledge that you have to know. Those editions are:
• Window Server 2012 Foundation
• Window Server 2012 Essential
• Window Server 2012Stabdard
• Window Server 2012 Datacenter

Those are 4 different editions of Window Server 2012. Each of those servers has some differences and usually those differences are on the license, price and features as well.
When installing Window Server 2012, you can choose whether you want to install it by using the GUI or Graphical User Interface or by Server Core. For some people and some experts said that Server core is better from its security system aspect, but if you were a newbie in running the windows server, it is better for you to installing Window Server 2012 by using GUI.

As a new windows server, it is for sure that Window Server 2012 has some pros than the predecessor window server. One of the pros is that you can switch from the server core to GUI and vice versa, in which in previous windows server you have to re – installing the server if you wanted to do that thing. As a server, Window Server 2012 must be able to do some functions or tasks to serve clients. Those functions are called roles. Roles are the combination of various services that you can install and run by using the server manager or Windows Power shell.

Roles those are existed in Window Server 2012 will be maximum in its function if it was combined with the windows 8 client. However, it can be still well for windows client with previous version like the Windows 7 and Windows vista. However, some roles like DHCP Server, DNS Server and Web server IIS can be functioned to the other client operation system. in addition, there is the hardware needs that you have to fulfill so that windows server can be run really well. Those hardware needs are as follows:
• 1,4 GHz of 64 bit processor
• 512 MB RAM or RAM with higher specification
• 32GB Hard Disk
• The Super VGA 800 X 600 or maybe higher
• Mouse and keyboard
• Internet access

Those hardware needs above are recommendation and to be honest it can be varied based on your needs of installing the Window Server 2012.
Those are some information that we can share about Window Server 2012, such as about its definition, types and also its hardware needs. We hope that this article is beneficial for you in understanding more about the Window Server 2012. provide hosting starting from $3.99/month with specification Storage Space 4000 MB, Bandwidth 50 GB, 1 Website, 1 MS SQL 2012, 1 MySQL Database.
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