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14 JanEmail Hosting Services

Email becomes important part for internet world. You can use email for many purposes. Two types of email are available for users. They are website-based and private email. Creating email directly from website that provides this service is called end-user or website email. On the other hand, private email uses hosting service to manage. Well, you are not user anymore because you are capable to manage all emails from user. In general, you can develop website and let users create email using your domain. Moreover, email will have unique extension from your own. This method requires hosting service.

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10 NovEmail Services on Web Hosting Company

Hosting provides many email packages that are separated from web hosting. This kind of email service is usually used for the company email. Email hosting and web hosting is separated to increase the performance and stability of company’s email. Besides that, email hosting package is designed with bigger storage capacity than cheap web hosting package.

Mail hosting or the email services on web hosting company can be accessed from computer (outlook, thunderbird) and smartphone such as Android, iPhone and Windows Phone by using a web mail, POP, IMAP and SMTP. All mailbox emails will be protected by using an anti virus and popular anti spam.