Hosting provides many email packages that are separated from web hosting. This kind of email service is usually used for the company email. Email hosting and web hosting is separated to increase the performance and stability of company’s email. Besides that, email hosting package is designed with bigger storage capacity than cheap web hosting package.

Mail hosting or the email services on web hosting company can be accessed from computer (outlook, thunderbird) and smartphone such as Android, iPhone and Windows Phone by using a web mail, POP, IMAP and SMTP. All mailbox emails will be protected by using an anti virus and popular anti spam.

There are some features that we can usually find at email services such as:

  • Webmail can be accessed at anywhere and every time by using web browser such as Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer and many more.
  • Email Control Panel. This feature can be used for helping us in managing email such as for making an email account, changing the password, managing forwarding and many more.
  • Incoming POP3 & IMAP. Email can be accessed from your favorite email application from an computer or even from some devices such as Android, iPhone, Windows, Blackberry, etc.
  • Outgoing SMT. This feature will be beneficial for sending an email from any of your favorite applications even from computer, android, iPhone and many more.
  • Anti Virus Protection. System will be automatically scanning the email attachment that is accepted and it will automatically block the email that contains virus that can break the computer.
  • Anti spam protection. This feature will protect you from any spammers and it possible to select up to 95% spam email. Email that is blocked can be managed in the control panel.
  • Auto responder. Auto responder can reply the message automatically back to them who send an email to your email.
  • Email forwards or aliases. Email forwarder wills possibly us to send a copy in every email that is accepted from an email address to the other email address.
  • Catch all email. With this feature, you can catch all the emails that are sent to your domain although the email address is not existed actually.
  • Mailing List (Group). Mailing list can be used to send email to some accounts that are registered on that mailing list.

Those are some features that you can usually find on the email service. The next question now is that, why you have to use an email hosting? There are many reasons and benefits to answer this question:

  • 7×24 support for helping you if there were some problems occurred.
  • 99,9% uptime.
  • Separated from the web hosting. If the server of web hosting has a problem, so email as a media of communication will not be disturbed.
  • Big Capacity
  • Email service can be used on your favorite smartphone.
  • Backup service that is done daily, weekly or even monthly. offer Business Email hosting starting from $8.00/month provide 10 Email Accounts and 5 GB Email Storage. And Enterprise Email hosting starting from $24.00/month provide 10 Email Accounts and 30 GB Email Storage. You can find more information about this services through and