Hosting controls panels is a feature that is essential for website. It can allow users to for managing many server services of a web browser. There are many kinds of hosting controls panels that are really popular among the internet users. Nowadays on this article, we will explain and compare between Plesk and Websitepanel. That is why; you have to stay on this article if you wanted to know the different between these things.


We will start from Plesk. Plesk is actually a leading control panel in United States. Furthermore, this control panel has for about 75 up to 80% in the European market. Plesk supports both, the Linux version and also the Windows compatibility. This control panel option comes in various editions in which each of them is tailored for specific hosting use needs. Plesk and cPnel did not have far differences in case of the features. However, many users agreed that Plesk is cleaner than cPanel. In fact, both of this control panel is used by two big hosting companies and the other customers as well. Nowadays, Plesk becomes an independent company and they focused more on the ever-evolving web. Plesk creators offer easier server management and also efficient. Furthermore, now their targets are the newbies hosting and the hardcore developers as well. Some features that you will get on Plesk are:

  • Host / OS Agnostic
  • Git Integration
  • Docker Integration,
  • 1 – click SSL Security
  • 1 – Click WordPress hardening, ect.

Website Panel

The next thing that we want to explain is website panel. Website panel is also called the WSP. This platform has many features which plesk lacks. For example it supports the Hyper V VPS server hosting. However, many people said that both of this platform offer easy to use interface. It makes website panel as a platform that is easy to use for both, clients and server manager. Website panel can run really well on windows with the base of web hosting server. It is recommended for you who run the mid to high end windows VPS Server or even the dedicated server. Website panel can be more popular and freely available in the future, but the fact is that plesk is still at the top in the Windows shared hosting market. Website panel will not possibly users to choose from any different application. In the other words we can say that you just can use the default applications that are already installed. Website panel may be not available for VPS server at the present time, but you can purchase its license because it is cheap enough. Those are some explanations about plesk and website panel. It seems that plesk is having much better features that are loved by most people. However, website panel is also having great quality. So now everything is based on each user. They can choose between plesk and website panel that is suitable with their needs and budgets.