There are many people assume that the first step in making a website is about designing. Actually, knowing some tips in choosing the right domain is the other essential thing that you have to aware. There are many people who forget about this thing because they always concentrate in designing their website. If we had already run a business before, we can try to insert our business name to make it as a domain. However, the problem is that is that domain is still available? What we have to do if a domain that we want was already used by the other users?

For helping you in solving that problem, there are many tips that we collected from many sources. So, check it out so you can choose the correct domain.

  1. Make it easy to remember

If you wanted to build a website whether it contains some tutorials or the other important things for readers, you have to make an unforgettable domain name to make them easier if they wanted to visit your website again. Nowadays, Google prefers to send traffic to some websites with branded domain. That is why; it is really essential for making a branded domain name to make visitors knowing, remembering and trusting our websites more.

  1. Make it as short as possible

Short name is really easy to type, easy to remember and easy to share as well. Besides that, short domain name is also great to be inserted to a name card because that domain name is simple and easy to remember. Because short domain name has a lot of advantages, nowadays almost none short domain name that is registered. Most of those names had already bought to sell again with a really expensive price.

  1. It has to be easy to spell and say

When we tell a domain name to the other people, that domain name has to be clearly heard and easy to spell. If it was not, we will lose some traffic if the visitors did a miss typing of website address. That is why; make sure that you make a simple domain name.

  1. Avoid any complicated things

Yes, you have to avid some complicated things like the connector words and numbers as well. Why? Too many connectors and numbers mean that there is more possibility that there will be a miss typing of your website name. As an example if your domain is, there is a possibility that visitors will be typed In addition, if you made a domain name of, there will be a possibility of mistyping where people will type

  1. Try to insert keyword

Having a relevant keyword in a domain name will be helped if our sites are registered in search engine’s suggestion. Keyword can increase the click ratio in every display. Click ratio is the amount of people who click our website.

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