Server is a very complex machine – is more complex that the PC is used in our homes. Apart from the hardware, many of servers to makes arise from the complexity of software interaction. So, when you see even a company like Google displays an error message, you know that there is something wrong with the way of forming and using the device.

Because of the heavy burden of providing the experience to a server, an event that has a very very small chance to be happening at a certain point and it often happens. We must use it. It what can be done. But with learning how to justify a mistake so quickly that your IIS server does not crash.
For this purpose, IIS 7 is equipped with sophisticated equipment that can track the error that you can fix quickly. So what’s the common cause of this error? Here are a few.

Change application.
New update or bug fix to an existing application can have unexpected effects on the workings of the software that are not related. This is why server administrators are paid so much. They knew exactly what they are doing and understand the inner guts of a server.

Server configuration changes
IIS 7 has many options and configurations. Sometimes, you may be forced to make changes that have unexpected risks, and can cause requests to fail.

Why not enough Error Page
When the web request fails, people can be very detailed error pages that it sometimes causes a problem that must be resolved quickly but must be filled with precision. However, when this error is caused by the interaction module, the error page is not enough or can cause worse things. What could happen is that mistakes can happen and not noticed for a while and when manifest itself, the real reason is hidden. Debugging is an art, but with the right tools, it can be done more quickly. And this is where IIS 7 tracing comes into play.

IIS 7 Tracing
IIS 7 has a sophisticated tracking tools that allow administrators to see the workers and their requests in real time. New feature called Failed Request Tracing, and is one of the benefits of IIS 7. This really can be configured to track the number of visits to your site based on certain parameters set by the administrator.
For example, can organize and manage the alert and tell IIS 7 that if a request takes longer than x seconds to complete, it is necessary to track initiative that would allow an administrator to correct the problem. This command can also be used to fine tune the server and find out where he was walking slowly. If you’re using IIS 7 as a server in any environment including a VPS, you can use the trace features along with IIS 7 remote administration in order to effectively manage your server.

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