If you begin to manage your site on the Internet, you must start with a hosting provider. But before you choose a hosting company, you must know the strengths and weaknesses as well as the function of hosting.
How to choose hosting depends on the programming language that can be used to support the hosting. For example, if you use PHP, Perl or MySQL on this site, you will prefer Linux servers. But if you’re going to use ASP, you should choose Windows hosting. Windows hosting is hosting that uses Windows oriented technologies such as Visual Basic.

Actually, the Windows platform is an option that people can be divided into two main groups: those who understand nothing in hosting and think that the Windows platform will be easier for their understanding, and those who, in turn, know that they need Windows hosting exactly.
The advantages of Windows hosting server

1.NET technologies, such as ASP can be accessed on the Windows platform. If you have a site built on Microsoft. NET technology, you will have to choose Windows hosting server.
2. ASP.NET technology is very attractive as a compiled language. Has many additional features. Windows hosting can also support Net Framework, MSSQL.
3. With ASP and ASP.NET, Windows can be applied to almost all application such as PHP / MySQL scripts and additional.
4. If you need a large database for a company, the Windows platform will be the best choice.
5. With Windows Hosting, database access process can only be used with the Windows server hosting. Access can be used on Microsoft Windows platforms. Different of used process of using the Linux hosting.
6. If you are using Microsoft Sharepoint some applications, the Windows platform will be the main choice that can be relied upon. Only with Windows hosting can provide you with specific business solutions such as Sharepoint Services, Microsoft CRM, Exchange.
7. You can easily control the Administration via Remote Desktop, the program now comes with all versions of Windows XP. So, you do not need to upload additional utilities such as Radmin, VNC, etc.
Windows hosting, as a program has a more expensive price Microsoft license, but still with the Windows hosting is able to easily to be able to control all supporting applications and a good administration.

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