SharePoint is an application that issued by Microsoft to use the latest technology, which allows increased productivity and efficiency. SharePoint integrates well with MS Exchange and other Microsoft business applications and tools.

Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services helps you to share in managing information and documents in a Web site. Most of us know the benefits of hosting a website with a hosting company. Some of us also know the power of hosted Exchange and how we have overall to improve communication in interacting with our business partners. SharePoint also adds a new dimension to this revolutionary way of communication, collaboration, and interaction.

Some devices are in use to manage documents, calendars, and workflow.

Improve Productivity: Use collaboration tools SharePoint simplest of applications to help its users to be able to connect and exchange information they need.

File Sharing: You can use the advanced features of SharePoint Services applications for the storage and retrieval of documents. Use the feature “Check In / Check Out” is temporary facilities that can make changes to files that have been stored in a neat and can be accessed by all users.
Scalability: You can manage Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 from the web browser. You do not need to install a large and complex applications on your desktop can connect to any SharePoint Services 3.0. Managing the servers and your site just by using features from Microsoft. NET framework.
Manage Documents: You can create a document management processes more effectively. You can control user level access to your documents can be accessed also by other users. Users also can access one version of the file and can make changes to the file. And you also have access to view the revised document and return it to the previous version.
Use template based solutions: Use application templates for customization.
Useful information for your business: SharePoint provides business control of organized very rapid. By using the control of this SharePoint application, you can secure your information can even set the permission.

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