If you have been pretty accustomed to the matter of internet and website, then you must have heard of Internet Information Service, abbreviated as IIS. But, to many people, such term is probably quite foreign to their ears. In this case, IIS is actually a web server provided by Microsoft. The purpose is to serve the HTML internet pages which have been requested by the users.
Details of IIS 10
Yes, to many people’s ignorance, there are actually quite a mechanism on how the HTML page is loaded and showed in your PC or laptop. In that very case, Microsoft has launched the newest and latest IIS 10 for better use. As you might have attested, it comes with many new features on the package. Here is the list of every new feature it comes with.

1. HTTP/2
In this case, one of the newest features the IIS 10 does come with is the HTTP/2. It is actually the newly developed and improved form of the HTTP/1.1 which came in the previous series of Microsoft. With such new and improved series, you will be able to load even the most elaborate HTML page which usually took longer time just to load, thanks to the efficiency of the connection it comes with.

2. IIS on Nano Server
In the matter of other IIS settings, they usually come with the more exposure to harm and online threat that comes from the other source. Moreover, they also come with longer duration on the uptime which makes the connection become less efficient.
As the new and improved IIS, IIS 10 does come with the setting on IIS on Nano Server with which you will be able to have increased and shorter uptime process, less tendency or chance of being attacked and higher density which make the internet connection become efficient.

3. Better Management
Compared to the previous series of IIS, they usually or generally came with several limited features on everything they have come up with. As the consequence, the internet users would have such a limited accessibility on several things that pertain to the internet and anything related to it. However, IIS 10 has come with the better management and anything that pertains to it. With this feature, you will be able to control and monitor pretty much all components and aspects that have to do with the internet. In that case, your connection use will be efficient and effective.

4. Wildcard Host Readers
Well, the last feature the IIS 10 does come with is the wildcard host readers. For the feature, it is actually still related to the matter of better management previously explained. Well, in this service, you will be able to specifically set the configuration on which website you can access or which you cannot. In doing that, it works through the mechanism in which you will set which website you will have access on by putting the domain on the list and which site you cannot have access on.

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