Sitelock is one of the important features that you have to add in your website. However, what is sitelock actually? Sitelock is a security service feature for a website that will give any protections from hackers’ attack, malware and the other things that can break a business website. Besides protecting website from any dangerous things in the internet, sitelock will also protect our website so it will be avoided from any blocks that are done by search engine, like Google.

Why you have to use sitelock for your business website?

As what we already explained above, sitelock is really important to secure your website for any dangerous things in online world. This feature is not only essential for big website, but also for the new websites. Know the further question is that, how Sitelock works on your business website? Sitelock will secure and protect your website by doing a routine checking to your business website.

What are the things that are checked by Siteloock?

The first thing that is checked by Sitelock is website file. Sitelock did a FTP scan to scan all files everyday and it will be indentifying even a little hole as a possible aspect of malware injection. It will not stop in identifying that hole, but it will fix all those dangerous holes. The next thing that is checked by Sitelock is application. Sitelock will check all the applications that are existed on your website such as blog engine, shopping cart engine and the other applications with common security standard. Sitelock will also tell you about some upgrades that are important for your website system.

The third is search engine blacklist. Sitelock will monitor the search engine blacklist and check their own database with more than 7000 malware sites, to make sure that your site is not related with any dangerous sites. Next thing that is checked by Sitelock is visitors’ traffic. Sitelock will identify any dangerous visitors’ traffic on your website by using “Sitelock Trueshield Firewall”. Change in a file is the fifth thing that is checked by Sitelock. When Sitelock did a deep FTP scan in your website, you will be told when there is any file changes in your website. Sitelock will be also checked whether your website or mail server send or was referent into a spam email or not. If it was caught by the spam email filter, there will be a lot of email program that ignore an email that is sent from your website or mail server. in the other words we can say that you will not be able to reach your customers.

Those are a complete explanation about sitelock. You can purchase Sitelock from any trusted providers that you can find in the internet. How much is this? Usually the price is different between one provider and the other. However, usually the price is not expensive or in the other words we can say that it is enough affordable. That is why; it can be used on small or big business website. now also provide Sitelock Security to makes your website more secure. The plans starting from $25.00 /month and this services can protect your website from malware for all pages. You can find more information through