What is Shared SSL? – SSL or Secure Socket Layers is a protocol that wills possibly the information transfer process and data that is done was encrypted so that it will become more secure. In related with ssl, you maybe will hear about shared SSL as well. What is that actually? Below we will explain more about the shared SSL.
Definition of Shared SSL
For using the shared SSL you have to use a domain and usually you will not be able to use your own domain. Usually, if you used shared SSL on your own domain, there will be a warning of un-valid SSL in your browser and sometimes you will be unable to access your website. Shared SSL is really beneficial especially in a condition in which you have to use a secure connection so public will be not able to see it. As an example is when you wanted to access the website administrator website in wordpress. On this case, you can use the shared ssl that a domain will give to you. However, you have to remember that shared SSL is not suitable for an e-commerce website because usually in an e-commerce website, visitors hope to access the ssl page with your domain.
Besides the Shared SSL, there is also a private SSL. For knowing further and better about shared ssl, it is better for us to know about shared SSL as well. That is why; we will give further information about private SSL as follows.
Private SSL
Not similar with shared SSL, private SSL is used on your own domain and you will not get any warns in your browser and Private SSL is highly recommended for e-commerce website and the other website that needs a login process. Besides that, SSL is also really important in order for SEO. It is because Google had already announced that they will more concentrate on websites that use SSL than them who were not using SSL.
Private SSL is used in a condition where visitors as a public can access your website by using SSL in your domain. Private ssl is really important as your protection of some data stealing when you were doing a transaction or data exchange in the internet like for credit card and the other.
Those are the differences between Shared and also the Private SSL. Basically, SSL is really important to make your transaction in the internet is much safer and more secure. Actually, there are three kinds of security system from SSL like:
1. Authentication. The first is authentication. It will make sure that any messages that you received from the other by mail.
2. Confidentiality. It will protect a message from a reading try from receiver that is not having any rights along their journey.
3. Integrity. Integrity from SSL will make sure that a message is real or legal; there is not any change along the journey of the message.
Those are the information that we can share about SSL and especially about the shared SSL