What is Bandwidth? – If you were always deal with internet and website, you maybe always hear about bandwidth. However, what it is actually? If you were looking for a description or an answer for this question, you are in the right place because at this moment we will share many things about bandwidth like about the definition of bandwidth and also the types of bandwidth. So, check this article above for understanding more about bandwidth.
Definition of Bandwidth
We will start to talk about the definition of bandwidth. Bandwidth is actually a data transfer consumption value that is counted in bit or second or it is usually called the bit per second or bps between the server and client at certain time. If we wanted to be broader, bandwidth definition is a wide of frequency that is used by signal in transmission medium. That is why; we can conclude that bandwidth is the maximum capacity from a communication track that is used for transferring data in any seconds. The function of bandwidth is for counting the data transaction. This is the answer for the question of what is bandwidth.
Computer bandwidth in a computer network, bandwidth is used to be used as a synonym for data transfer rate. This is the amount of data that can be brought from a point to the other point in certain time range (usually it is counted in seconds). Bandwidth in a computer network is usually counted in bits per second or bps like what we had already explained in the paragraph above. If we used the LAN or local area Network connection of 100 Mbps, so that the ideal value to do a data transaction is 100 mega bit per seconds 9mbps). Then if a modem could work in 57,600 bps, it has twice bigger bandwidth amount than the other modem that can be worked in 28,800 bps. If a computer connection to the computer network has big bandwidth or high bandwidth, it can possibly the big data transfer as well like for sending some pictures in a video presentation or even for sending video.
Digital and Analog Bandwidth
Maybe you had ever heard about digital bandwidth and analog bandwidth. In a computer network, bandwidth is divided into two types; they are the digital bandwidth and analog bandwidth. What is this actually? Below is the further explanation for this bandwidth.
• Digital Bandwidth. This is a volume or the amount of data in bps or bit per second that can be sent through a communication channel without any distortion.
• Analog Bandwidth. This is a kind of differentiation between the lowest frequency and the highest frequency in the frequency range that is measured in Hertz (Hz). Furthermore, it can decide the amount of data information or data that can be transmitted in a moment.
Those are the differences between the digital bandwidth and analog bandwidth if we looked for the function. We hope that the explanation about bandwidth is beneficial for you to understand more about bandwidth.